In the movie forest Gump, there is a scene where young Jenny Curran and also young woodland Gump operation out into a cornfield come escape Jenny’s abusive and alcoholic father.

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Jenny autumn to her knees v Forest and says, “Pray with me Forest. Dear God, make me a bird. Therefore I could fly far far away from here.”

A believed provoking scene.

I have frequently wondered if the screenwriter or manager of woodland Gump was inspired in the scene indigenous Psalm 55.

Of which I have read over and over in current days.

It has actually so lot depth and contains so many emotions held by King David.

In verses 4-6 it says, “My heart is in anguish within me, and the terror of death have fallen top top me, fear and trembling come upon me; and also horror has overwhelmed me.”

Wow, sounds as with what Jenny what experiencing.

And then she reduce to her knees to pray.

Verse 6 says, “And i said, ‘Oh, the I had wings choose a dove! I would certainly fly away and also be in ~ rest."”

Each of united state at times feel this way.

That we can have wings to fly much far away.

To escape whatever case we may have actually put ourself in.

Or the God might be acquisition us v for our own benefit.

Either way, it is an moral prayer the both King David and also Jenny prayed.

Psalm 55 is quickly ending up being one of my favorite chapters in the scriptures for this reason.

King David stop nothing earlier from God in this Psalm.

He is laying out his really heart and soul to God and also saying, “I to be here, ns am in pain, hear me God.”

Later in the chapter we uncover that lot of David’s pain is brought about by someone very close to him which is interesting.

You might be praying to have wings and also fly far far away from your present situation.

Know this, that also in our lonely locations God is forever there.

Today is not the day God will abandon you.

Today is not the work God will certainly withdraw his love.

Today is no the day the God will carry out anything but sustain you with your tough spot.

If friend ask me around Today then i say this day is the best day of her life.

 As your prepare for morning which will then it is in the best day of her life.

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It is then the you can uncover peace in the last three words of city six, “be in ~ rest.”

As ns go come bed tonight and reflect top top this day, a day whereby I was really restless, I will reflect top top Psalm 55 and also I will certainly pray the prayer of Jenny and also be at rest.