Note: If you"re complying with Playthrough 2 you"ll have already been here, for this reason head directly to Caridin"s Cross.

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Head forwards under the path and also it’ll veer off to the right, v a hole in the wall. Follow this route along and also you’ll reach a huge room. Kill the darkspawn within and also head throughout the area to a little truncated passage. Here you’ll find a small bloody sack. Interact with it come retrieve a bag of limbs...

There are two paths leading out of this room. In in between both the these paths is a chest containing a gift. There’s nothing rather of attention in this area during this playthrough, therefore feel free to check out in order to get more XP and loot. When you’re done, leave the Aeducan Thaig and head to Caridin’s Cross.

Caridin’s Cross


Follow the route round the corner and also right to the end. There’ll be a feet in the wall surface on the left side of the course that you have the right to enter. Follow the caves v to a bigger room. Here you’ll uncover another little bloody sack, this time include a head in a bag...

Continue adhering to the caves and you’ll soon reach the huge path again. Monitor it down right into a big triangular room filled through darkspawn. As soon as you’ve cleared them out, examine the chest beside the lone shaft in the centre of the room to uncover a gift.

Take the left leave from this room and also follow the path around the corner. Below you’ll discover a glass phylactery next to a darkspawn tent. Connect with it and also kill the Revenant the spawns. Proceed down the path and there’ll be a hole in the wall surface to your left. Follow this into a small room filled through darkspawn. Versus the boulders in the center of this room will certainly be another small bloody sack containing a torso in a bag. These are all the body bits you need to complete a pursuit later...

Continue through the room and out into the next. Right here you’ll be assaulted by number of waves that deep stalkers and also their queen. When they’re dead, inspect the much right edge for a codex which additionally gives girlfriend a new quest. Backtrack come the main path and also there’ll be one more hole in the wall surface opposite this one, slightly additional down the path.

Follow this path and also take the first when you gain to the crossroads. Here you’ll find the Drifters’ Cache to finish the pursuit you’ve just picked increase (and acquire some pretty great loot). Continue following this route upwards until you are assaulted by darkspawn. Among these will certainly drop an object which gives you a codex. This is whatever of importance in this area, though there’s tons of loot and enemies to death if you explore the remainder of it.

Once you’re done, come earlier to the main path in this area and also head to Ortan Thaig.

Ortan Thaig


Head around the corner and also there’ll be a path leading v a feet in the wall. Follow this spider-filled caves until you with a room where the darkspawn and spiders space fighting each other. Kill all of them and check the tiny path in ~ the bottom of the room to uncover a Warrior’s Grave. Communicate with it then continue through the caves.

Soon you’ll with a massive cave filled with buildings. Head forwards, killing the adversaries as you go, and also you’ll check out someone browsing a corpse. Together you method he’ll run away, screaming. Follow him and also he’ll speak come you. Ask that he is and he’ll operation off again. When you’ve killed the spiders that spawn, monitor him into the caves.

Speak with him again and also say you just want to talk. You deserve to now either intimidate or persuade him right into calming down. Offer to trade with him and he’ll it is in happy v that. Inquiry him and you can ask about his mother, Filda. Tell him she misses him, climate say he should tell his mommy he’s alive. Questioning if he’d favor she assumed he to be dead, then agree come lie for him. You deserve to now trade v him because that a Grnadmaster Rune and also a gift.

Check the base in the room to obtain the Tosider’s Pommel. Leaving Ruck’s cave and you’ll discover the Ortan Thaig Chest in a tiny collapsed structure simply outside. Retrieve the Ortan documents from it. Front of you will be a bridge, but very first look to her left and you’ll view a tiny gap in between a huge statue and a building.

Head v the gap and turn left to uncover the Altar of Sundering. Straight in former of this is another Mystical site of Power. Make sure to communicate with the Mystical Site and also then connect with the altar. Ar the body parts on the altar for a conversation. You deserve to ask because that a prize or you deserve to kill the spirit. The price is 25 yellow which is fairly tempting – it’s your choice. You can now cross the leg to the other side the the river.

Follow the caves, cross an additional bridge and you’ll be in another huge area complete of spiders and darkspawn. Head with the cave and also you’ll uncover Branka’s Jounral. Prior to you can obtain to it, you’ll be attacked by a spider queen. Kill all of the spiders and also then grab the journal.

Continue on through the caves and enter the Dead Trenches.

The Dead Trenches

After the cutscene, head forwards and also kill off the darkspawn through the bridge. There’s a frostbite behind the legionnaires i m sorry will give you a codex. Fight your method across the leg to the various other side and also kill every the opponents in prior of the big doors. To the best of the stairway is one more codex ~ above the floor. Head come the left of the door and you’ll uncover a small tunnel.

Fight your method through the tunnels to the various other side of the building. As quickly as you leave the tunnel, head left v the little door in the absent wall. This is a tiny burial room filled through sarcophagi. Loot all of them to uncover the Boots of the Legion. Leave the funeral room and also continue forwards previous the large doors. There will be a small door in front of you and another come the right. The door top top the appropriate is one more burial room for you come loot.

Head v the door in front of you to go into a larger burial chamber. Kill all of the darkspawn within then booty the sarcophagi to find the Gloves that the Legion. Head with the tunnel in ~ the back of the burial room.

Fight with the caves and also one that the darkspawn will drop the topsider’s tongue (so make certain to loot every one of them together you go). On the various other side the the caves will be a huge room. One next of the room opens up into a large cave. Head right into this cave and kill every one of the darkspawn inside. Among them will certainly be the forge Master, that you have the right to loot for some decent equipment.

As you leave the Forge, there’s another small burial chamber turn off to the appropriate with part decent booty in it. Continue throughout the room from the Forge and enter the door at the end. Cross the bridge on the other side and also continue on right into another huge room.

Clear the room that enemies and also search the sarcophagi about the edge to find the Armor of the Legion. Leave with the door in the corner and follow the caves till you obtain to a crossroads. The route to the left leads to a tiny darkspawn camp, if the route to the right proceeds on.

You’ll soon be earlier in one more burial chamber. Look come the left to check out a room full of flash sacks. You’ll additionally see a mrs dwarf crouching in the middle, talking to herself. Approach Hespith and also speak come her. Speak to her about Branka and she’ll operation away. Follow her outside and you’ll be attacked by two ogres.

There will certainly be 2 doors to your left. Go into the one ~ above the far side that this area an initial to discover the Legion funeral room. Proceed past all the soul to the Legionnaire Altar at the back. Communicate with it to find the Helm of the Legion and the Legionnaire Key. The Legion set is another of the ideal armors in the game and also will it is in perfect for Oghren or Sten. You will likewise receive a brand-new quest.

As you go to leave, all of the spirits will strike you. Once outside you can now get in the other door. Continue through the caves and also you’ll uncover a sarcophagus comprise a Dead Caste Insignia. Take it it and continue on.

Soon you’ll enter a huge cave, where you’ll meet the Broodmother. You need to be more than strong enough to take she out quickly by this point, no unique tactics are needed. As soon as she’s dead, you’ll have an additional cutscene. Loot the broodmother for part nice tools (the helmet will be among the finest non-set helmets in the game) then leave for the Anvil the the Void.

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Anvil that the Void

Run v the tunnel and also you’ll be triggered to include Oghren come the team if you don’t currently have him. Make sure to kit that out v the ideal weapons and also armour you have prior to proceeding.