Although the feels prefer months ago, Dell EMC people wrapped up on October 20th. The outcomes from every one of our tasks have trickled in and also we now have a holistic see of our Core technologies performance at the event…and it was stellar!


The week kicked off v the executive Summit where 2 of our products were describe in the to whisper Suite…shhh! It to be an exclude, area where anyone v an authorized pass and covered under NDA can enter. The conversations v press, analysts, and also customers were thrust by our senior product specialists, that ran with product demos and GUI simulators galore.

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As the main event came into complete swing on Tuesday, the expo hall invited over 6,000 attendees to live music, customer endure showcases, a product petting zoo, and also countless theatre presentations. The room was packed through folks passionate to learn around the brand-new Dell EMC solution offerings. Conversations v our product professionals were lengthy, and also attendees to be hungry for more details around the Core innovations products. Our hardware was proudly on display, recording the attention of persons walking through the aisles and also sparking conversation with our experts.

Attendees, press, and analysts buzzed throughout the convention facility to partake in the various tasks laid out for them. There to be overwhelmingly optimistic reviews with the lot of sessions, hand on labs, and booths come visit over the three-day event. The Core technologies schedule was packed v a “a “Tech Sneak Peek” showcasing the recent release because that XtremIO; one interview with TheCUBE and also Chris Ratcliffe, and of course the amazing “Dark it Knight” keynote, where the Data defense Suite team conserved the day.

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On the final day, Dell employees to be bussed in indigenous the Round absent office to get involved in the fun. Castle filled the expo hall, eager to accomplish their new Dell EMC coworkers. It was a an excellent way for them to view the products, satisfy our experts, and build a cohesive connection as One Team!

Here are a few of the Core modern technologies stats native the event:

89 hand on Labs taken500+ attendees in our breakout sessions360+ attendees went to the to whisper Suite6,000+ attendees went with the expo hall270+ attendees viewed our booth theater sessionsCTD assets showcased in 4 booths in ~ the Expo HallOver 36,000 social Media impressions

Of course, nobody of this would have been possible without the assistance of ours onsite and also planning teams. Thank you so lot for helping us turn our inaugural Dell EMC people into a success! Don’t problem if girlfriend missed this one. We will be back in ras Vegas this May. Visit the Dell EMC people conference web page to learn more.