Bungie is adding one more brand-new readjust to Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and also this Seasonal Challenge system is going to rearea weekly bounties.

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Destiny 2 Seasonal Challenge System
It looks like also more big transforms are coming to Destiny 2: Beyond Light, through a new Challenge mechanism showing up. Bungie revealed that Destiny 2 is relocating amethod from weekly bounties and also presenting Seasonal Challenges.

Fans of the sci-fi first-perboy shooter will have invested many time with weekly bounties. These were generally big goals connecting to routine activities. In an effort to reduce the fear of missing out, FOMO, Bungie is making a switch with this device. With the replacement Seasonal Challenges, the developer has even more freedom to construct interesting missions for Guardians.

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When the new device comes to the game, players will be able to access it with the Quest Log or Seakid Pass. Each week will have actually a unique collection of difficulties, offering a factor for players to hop ago on continuously. It will last for the first 10 weeks of a brand-new seachild, giving plenty of time for gamers to take component. While some of these objectives will certainly emphasis on seasonal content, others will tie right into the miscellaneous modes throughout Destiny 2.

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One point to note is that the difficulties can only be done as soon as per account. That sassist, they can be completed anytime and also without needing to be ordered from a seller. For Guardians not able to check in every week, Bungie is offering some a lot necessary adaptability. While it sounds prefer the major reward will certainly be XP helping to increase Seachild Pass Ranks, there can be various other forms as well. From the blog article, it sounds like Bright Dust, Seasonal money, and also other items are on the table.

Recently, it seems choose there are all kinds of updates coming for Destiny 2. Dealing with FOMO is an excellent start, bereason it allows players to connect through the game at their very own pace. While grinding is part of the suffer, external life have the right to come initially for a lot of Guardians. By this suggest, some fans were likely sick of constantly cycling with weekly bounties, so the Season Challenge mechanism need to be a nice adjust. It will additionally cut dvery own on the grocery list of talking to sellers considering that the objectives deserve to be completed at any kind of time.

On the various other hand, specific players can be cynical of major changes prefer this. Weekly bounties are a regular means of earning XP and also rewards, yet difficulties might be tougher to perform. And as far the language goes from Bungie, additional rewards are by no indicates a definite. However, the Seasonal Challenge mechanism will certainly be a new means for players to enjoy the people of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is currently obtainable on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.