We’re gift askedto identify the molecular geometryofCBr4. The feasible molecular shapes are:


To carry out so, we an initial need to draw aLewis framework for CBr4. Because that this, we need to do the adhering to steps:

Step 1:Determine the main atom in this molecule.

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Step 2:Calculate the total variety of valence electrons present.

Step 3:Draw the Lewis framework for the molecule.

Step 4:Determine the molecule geometry the the molecule.


Q.Imagine that a molecule with 6 electron teams is border to 2 dimensions and therefore has actually a hexagonal planar electron geometry. If two of the s...
Q.Determine the exactly molecular geometry (from left to right) around each interior atom in CH3CH2OH.
Q.The ion CH5+, can type under really special high-energy conditions in the vapor phase in a massive spectrometer.Predict the geometry for CH5+.

What scientific principle do you need to understand in bespeak to deal with this problem?

Our tutors have indicated the to solve this trouble you will need to use the Electron Geometry concept. You can view video clip lessons to discover Electron Geometry. Or if girlfriend need more Electron Geometry practice, girlfriend can likewise practice Electron Geometry exercise problems.

What is the challenge of this problem?

Our tutors rated the difficulty ofDetermine the molecule geometry of CBr4....as medium difficulty.

How long does this trouble take come solve?

Our professional Chemistry tutor, Sabrina take it 4 minutes and 6 secs to resolve this problem. You can follow their steps in the video clip explanation above.

What professor is this trouble relevant for?

Based on ours data, we think this problem is relevant for Professor Tang's class at USF.

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