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"See, a person like me would smoke weed 'til I hallucinate. I don't know why though... crazy, right!? This party was dope.

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That shit got plagued quick. The bitches are freaky here."
Hello, now if you’ve gotten this far in the mixtapeYou must like this beat and I gotta give you a big thumbs up, aight?I love you, I love you with all my heartDbangz can you eat my ass?In the 15 rover doin' 15 overIce up the wrist, but my bitches colderI just got to church, already popped a bonerSike I'm with my niggas and we all some stonersI was bumping Gucci, not just in OctoberAt your bitch's door like I praise JehovahGot the pussy wetter than the counter coasterI'ma fuck her quick and then I take her toasterBefore I was rapping, these bitches ain't know meI beat a bitch ass, I’m a training ShinobiWait no, I'ma Jedi; Obi-Wan-KenobiJust bought me a foreign, I'm whippin' the pony"Dbangz, you have herpes!", you already told meShe just want my cash and my fake fucking RoleyShe said she that loyal, she fucking my homieI'm rapping for fun, I don't do it for gloryI switch it up, slow it down, pick it up, pauseBitch, I'm DBangz, a 16-year old bossAn ignorant lyricist listening to NasWhen I need some beats, I get emails from GodThese rappers be flexing with emptied out GlocksI rap on a mic that came straight out a boxI slap a hoe if she all on my jockBut hell no, I'm ugly, they not on my jockI fuck a crackhead, I can give her some rockSike, I gave her a bag of some grinded up chalkI'm just a young nigga you find in the moshI'm 200 easy, young nigga get tossedGot 200 bullets, young nigga get mobbedNah, I'm hella peaceful, I just want to talkRun up on a nigga, young nigga get droppedEmpty yo' pockets, young nigga get robbedI rap on the beat like that shit is my jobMy words on the beat like the toilet get cloggedI eat a bitch ass at the fucking bus stopShe started to touch on my thinga-ma-bobHer ass hella fat cause all she do is jogI respect on women, to thots, I'm a dogNiggas be beefing, these niggas don't want itAll up in my gram talking shit in the comments"Dbangz don't suck toes", yes, I really doI posted a vid and that bitch getting viewsI'll wreck an MC like how Hitler killed JewsAnd I take this bitch and we fucked to the bluesHer thick lil' body, whole lotta tattoosShe hate the government, don't watch the news"Dbangz suck my toes", I ain't gon refuseI look at her booty hole, don't need no lubeI fuck her so hard she get fed through a tubeI gave her the dick and found out she a dude
I found out that she a dude, I don't know what to doMy beats go boom boom boomI got my sniper, go zoom zoomTeam Umizoomi on my wristRoley on my wrist, it cost a hundred thousand monopoly moneys'Cause that's just how I doShifu was a dudeVegeta was a chick, I'm giving him some dickPause, pick it up, pick it down, woahI pick at her, yah, I push it to the sideI bring it back woah, pick It up, put it down, yahWoah, uh, my dick is so tiny and tinyMy dick is molecular, I saw your bitch through my speculars