Will Discord shut down in 2022? This is the question on numerous people"s minds. Uncover out the answer to this inquiry here.

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By Nikita last updated Jun 21, 2021

Are you wonder if Discord is shutting under in 2022? Many people are worried about this since it is one of the most famous softwares in the human being right now. People are forming communities and constantly engaging v one one more in various servers. Together of July 21, 2019, over there were over 250 million customers of Discord and also there are much more than 6.7 million energetic servers appropriate now. It’s provided not just for gaming but for other purposes together well, offering Slack a operation for that money. This is mostly why this subject that’s trending appears suspicious. Check out if it’s really true or is that fake news.

Discord Shutting down 2022 – Is it Real?


Fans that the software require not worry since it’s not true. It seems favor this trend has actually popped up just to prank her friends or rickroll them. So, if girlfriend see any type of messages or forwards i beg your pardon say the Discord is supposed to shut under at a certain date or year, it’s most certainly fake. You have to not be getting any type of DMs about this from any kind of random person or account, because if this was genuine news, friend would understand of that through main news sources.

Moreover, Discord is enjoying farming popularity i m sorry is mirroring no signs of decline. Back the software has seen part controversies, nothing has actually been huge enough to cause its close up door down. In fact, it has only grown native a text and audio communication software come having video calling, display screen sharing and an ext options. That’s not all, there are Twitch, Spotify and also Xbox Live integrations together well.

So, the bottom line is that Discord is do a most revenue and is steadily doing well day through day. This method Discord is not shutting down in 2022 or actually, any kind of time soon.

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