Divinity initial Sin 2 features some intense bosses and also The Harbinger of doom in action 2 deserve to be a daunting fight. Here are part tips to take it it down.

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Featured - Divinity initial Sin 2 Harbinger of doom Tips
players of Divinity: original Sin 2 know boss battles can become extremely challenging, even with well-built characters. After ~ all, a party that stumbles ~ above a boss while unprepared will virtually always result in a party wipe in this Larian Studios title. Interestingly, fans can recognize such a boss battle in the Harbinger the Doom, among the more difficult mini-bosses within Reaper's coastline in action 2.

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together fans will certainly know, this horrid creature serves as the resource of the blight that's been plaguing paradise Down. Unfortunately, acquisition it under doesn't seem to be as simple as other enemies in the video game area therefore far. After ~ all, that is minions and the Harbinger's natural abilities do them a menace top top head-on approaches. However, players can tip the tide in your favor with a couple of tips.

Updated on October 1, 2021, by Rhenn Taguiam: Unlike other RPGs, Divinity: initial Sin 2 uses players a many of avenues to tackle their missions - specifically when the involves beating bosses. With sufficient Charisma, players might not also have to fight bosses at all. However, in the situation of the Harbinger of death in plot 2, players may have no choice but to go toe-to-toe against this rather an effective baddie.

Newcomers that fight the Harbinger of death on the get-go could see us stumped by this boss’s an effective moveset and also various immunities. However, v the right strategy and setup, any type of player can conveniently dismantle the Harbinger’s defenses and go in because that the kill as early as a turn or two.

15 Spellcasters need to Keep their Distance

Attacking the Harbinger native afar
It’s important to remember the the Harbinger itself has actually immunities in the direction of Fire, Poison, and Decaying, and also 20-percent Water Resistance. Moreover, Dead Magisters have 200-percent Resistance (meaning, they can heal) from Poison. Top top the get-go, this statuses typical players can’t count on good ol’ burst Spellcasters in this battle.

However, there are details exceptions. Players deserve to kill the Dead Magisters with Pyrokinetic skills since they have 50-percent Weakness towards Fire. Players have to note that this won’t work against the Harbinger, though. As such, Spellcasters through a ton of Geomancer skills may have the ability to take on the Harbinger. However, offered their innate weak Armor and also Health, they might still must be afar.

14 protect against Unnecessary Confrontations

The Harbinger on top of a cliff
in spite of being a miniboss of sorts, the Harbinger of doom packs a many punch in terms of offense and also defense. Characters who end up in its route can obtain wiped in simply a few hits. And it doesn’t help that the Harbinger’s minions have actually quite the annoying set of attacks to whittle the player’s Health. Together such, players need to avoid unnecessary confrontations with the Harbinger as lot as possible.

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Rather, players deserve to count on their tanks and stealth to carry out the project for them. Given the Harbinger’s immunities and resistances, physical attackers such as Knight and Fighter builds and also sneaky combatants such as Rogue and also Shadowblade builds deserve to take care of the Harbinger safely.

13 run At first Sight

Players have to remember the retreat is always an option for heavy combat against the likes the the Harbinger. If the Harbinger proves too complicated to address on the very first turn, it might be best to run away native combat because that now.

to gauge this, players may want a character with high mobility to shot and interact the Harbinger. If they have the right to outlast the Harbinger in a turn with wellness still intact, then probably the whole party can engage. However, in the situation of the Harbinger pinning the enlightenment in a vital condition, then that scout should retreat as quick as feasible to regroup.

12 Dispatch Minions First

The Harbinger in flames
To protect against the mess of handling the Harbinger’s deadly attacks, it help players to death its minions first. The Dead Magister Inquisitors and also Swordsmen room a mess to attend to in both ranged and also melee. And it doesn’t help that the Harbinger aids that is minions when they’re in prompt danger.

as such, players can want to usage Teleport (Aerotheurge 1) to acquire some alone time through the Dead Magisters. That, or players can set up a vantage allude closer come the Dead Magisters however away from the Harbinger. That way, they can take treatment of the Dead Magisters without arousing suspicion.

11 Keep wellness Plentiful

Players who don’t have actually the advised an abilities to deal with the Harbinger might want to save their recovery skills and Potions close by because that the assist. The way, lock can proceed to outlast the Harbinger together it zig-zags around the battlefield.

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It’s recommended the players improve their defenses immediately before engaging in combat. Moreover, it may also aid to have actually all characters equipped with one or two recovery an abilities such as first Aid (Huntsman 1) and also Restoration (Hydrosophist 1) to ensure the they deserve to heal each other and allies surrounding whenever necessary.

10 inspect The genuine Estate

A character having a an excellent vantage point - Divinity initial Sin 2 Harbinger of death Tips A character having actually a an excellent vantage suggest - Divinity original Sin 2 Harbinger of death Tips
Thankfully, players should traverse a cliff before heading in the direction of the battlefield. In turn, the game already gives castle the chance to inspection the battlefield prior to combat. In that regard, players have to remember that there room four vital locations top top the map outside the gift battleground.

Firstly, the two damaged battlements the the lock lie close come the Harbinger. They're an excellent for ranged incursions that provoke the Harbinger but the Dead Magisters might find an obstacle reaching.

Likewise, there room two cliffs the overlook the whole battlefield. The first one lies directly over Almira's house, from whereby players can first see the Harbinger. This is a great vantage allude to setup ranged attacks. Moreover, opposite this cliff is an additional cliff that players have the right to reach by teleporting come the ground away from the Harbinger and then climbing.

9 Take note Of Immunities, Resistances

Players need to take note of a comfortable feature dubbed Examine the they can activate nevertheless of distance. A character through high sufficient Lore can achieve a lot of of understanding from enemies. In this certain battle, the Dead Magister Inquisitors and also Swordsman have actually 200-percent Resistance (can heal) indigenous Poison and also 50-percent weakness (extra damage) from Fire. Meanwhile, the Harbinger has 100-percent Resistance (immune) come Fire and Poison, 20-percent Water Resistance, and Immunity from Decaying.

these numbers mean that while the Harbinger and the Dead Magisters space immune native Poison, Magisters have the right to still dice from Fire. Meanwhile, in spite of the Harbinger's high armor, it's still delicate to physical attacks and non-Fire/Poison damage. Planet Damage, Warfare, and Scoundrel might shine in this regard.

8 Take note Of Harbinger Attacks

everything the battleplan players decision on taking, lock should try to point out a Fighter or a Tank Archetype to take on the Harbinger while they collection up an ext powerful attacks. However, your Tank should be able to take top top damage, together the Harbinger's abilities can end up being extremely deadly.

because that instance, the Harbinger have the right to use resource Vampirism come steal source from players and also then use it versus them via Curse. Moreover, that is Harbinger's Wrath and Burning Blaze strikes can easily tear v Physical Armor and also Magical Armor, respectively, and also even remove characters, especially if the Harbinger uses this attack repeatedly.

7 Bombs Away v Poison Gas

Interestingly, players who fight the Harbinger emphasis too much on it and also its minions the they forget all the advantageous things in the environment around them. For instance, the cliff the fight takes place has an abundance of corpses offered for sacrifice and also Green Noxious Bulbs the secrete poisonous gas.

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Players can actually take the time to reposition the green Nixious Bulbs near the Harbinger's minions. At an initial glance, these actually constantly regenerate their health and wellness thanks to your poison gas. However, as the game teaches players, toxicity clouds have tendency to be exceptionally flammable. Together such, players can use a long-ranged Pyrokinetic ability to detonate the poison cloud. The impact will many likely get rid of multiple minions at once.

6 remain True To physical Attacks

The Harbinger proves that Scoundrel, Warfare, and also Huntsman-based build still job-related like a charm against seemingly solid bosses. Aside from physical strikes working normally against the Harbinger's physical Armor, non-Fire/Poison strikes seem to pick off its wonder Armor together well.

However, players who desire to pat it safe should most likely stick to physics attacks. Granted, some elemental attacks affect the Harbinger - but most that them carry out minimal damage to its magical Armor. Interestingly, Backstab-empowered strikes from a Scoundrel construct can remove the Harbinger's physical Armor quickly thanks to its auto-Crit. Moreover, these physical attacks can also remove a bit of its HP before the round ends.

5 remain Mobile and Teleporting

another irritating facet of the Harbinger is its capability to teleport to a distant component of the battlefield. Through Harbinger's Step, the Harbinger have the right to teleport into one of the battlements or jump into one the the cliffs with family member ease. Unfortunately, the tricky variety of these locations makes it daunting for football player to hit the Harbinger with ranged spells.

Ideally, characters should have accessibility to one mobility Skill and also Teleportation (Aerotheurge) or a Teleportation Scroll. The way, lock can try to chase the Harbinger and teleport it back on the ground whenever it tries to escape.

4 shot Not To have Source

One tactic the Harbinger also uses would be stealing resource from a character via source Vampirism and also then redirecting it with Curse. Unfortunately, Cursed surface such as fire and also poison can produce Necrofire and also Cursed poison Clouds, both the which can take far Vitality and Physical Armor every turn. Unfortunately, this caveat deserve to put the entire party at a disadvantage, together they become more vulnerable come the Harbinger's fire-based attacks.

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In turn, it's recommended the players enter the battlefield there is no Source. The way, the Harbinger won't be able to rely ~ above its resource Vampirism and let players have one less thing to issue about. The course, football player who want to use Mass Corpse Explosion should be warier of their character who has Source.

3 Corpses deserve to Go Boom

players might an alert the abundance of corpses follow me the cliff, adding to the air of dread the surrounds the deadly Harbinger. However, players v Mass Corpse explosion (Pyrokinetic) have the right to use this to their advantage. First, they should start teleporting corpses close to the minions or to a singular location on the battlefield.

Next, they deserve to either attract the Dead Magisters or teleport the Harbinger come the location of the corpses. Worm tremor (Geomancer) can Entangle the Harbinger in place, or players can use this possibility to create Mass Corpse Explosion to deal disastrous damage. In fact, fixed Corpse explode may even one-shot the Harbinger.

If a character doesn't have actually Mass Corpse Explosion, players can simply use a long-ranged Pyrokinetic Spell come detonate the toxicity cloud come tear with the Magisters.

2 Do whatever Within The first Round

together players could notice, the Harbinger's slate of strikes can kill a party member or even eliminate their defenses in a solitary turn. In turn, players need to allocate the first round to eliminating the Harbinger's defenses. That way, the Harbinger becomes simple target for Status results such as Knocked down or Entangled come the 2nd round.

However, players have to stay wary the the Harbinger's strikes once it gets its turn. If players don't acquire to remove the Harbinger's armor come the 2nd round, they stand at severe risk of gift party-wiped. Ideally, personalities with a Talent choose Glass Cannon have the right to get an ext than enough AP to eliminate the Harbinger's defenses beforehand on. Meanwhile, much Out man can permit spellcasters come strike native a for sure distance.

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1 trust In The Chicken Claw

Players who dabbled in the Polymorph skill Tree can be surprised to view the Chicken claw option. This Skill, if successful, will turn its target right into a chicken for 2 turns. Interestingly, this skill affects any target listed they lose their physical Armor - yes, even mini-bosses prefer the Harbinger. Likewise, this skill becomes one interesting addition to characters taking increase a melee class.

Chicken nippers becomes helpful under lot of circumstances. As the Harbinger's chicken relocate will randomly move, it can trigger strikes of opportunity, area-based cause (e.g., Huntsman - Reactive Shot), or damage-over-time (e.g., burning, poison). Meanwhile, this technique also gives allies time to get rid of the Harbinger's minions.

Divinity: original Sin 2 was released on September 14, 2017, and is obtainable on PC, playstations 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and also iPad.