The Hold is the name of the first, tutorial location easily accessible in the game, that the players begin on their adundertaking. It"s a smal three-deck priboy ship that transporting activities sourcerers to Ft Joy and where the Troubled Waters quest takes place.

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In the Definitive Edition of the game, a secondary tutorial deck has actually been included (not consisted of on the map below) that permits brand-new players to familiarize themselves with the fundamental controls, and so on. You deserve to learn here how to relocate objects, unlock doors via an essential, a lever before, the lockpicks or the push plates, learn around surfaces and also their results, learn about scrolls, usage beds, fight the initially fight or acquire some items and also gold.

This map is interactive. Use mouse/roller + ctrl crucial or mobile gadget gestures to relocate or redimension it. Tap or computer mouse over map markers for more info.

Quests that start on The Hold map

An alphabetical list of quests that start on this map.

Points of interest

Below you will certainly discover some information about the points of interemainder situated on The Hold map.

Cooking RecipesRead it to learn 6 food preparation food recipes (potatoes).

Starting pointYou begin your DOS2 adventure here.Related quests: A Scholar from Times Past, A Wolf Alone, Hunt for the Master, Redemption, The Beastern o" the Sea, The Collar, The Magisters, The Thing Inside, Troubled Waters.

Locked Passages

Closed door, entrances, and so on Mostly they will require a vital or high lockpicking skill to open up them, however some, these with low HP, have the right to be opened up by pressure.

DoorLocked. No key about, but you have the right to use your weapon and quickly damage the door.Related quests: Troubled Waters.

Grstraightforward DoorLocked (lock lvl 1). Can be opened up through the Grbasic Key.

Skull-Marked DoorLocked. You need Skull-Marked Key to open it.Related quests: Troubled Waters.


Grbasic KeyThe essential lies on the ground in the corner, difficult to spot. You should push the ALT essential to uncover it :-)

Skull-Marked KeyYou will uncover it in the corpse of Magister Priest Medwyn.Related quests: Troubled Waters.

Future Party Members

They can"t join your party yet, however this will be feasible at the later stperiods of the game, in Fort Delight, and so on It does not issue if you come back to save them at the finish of the Troubled Waters pursuit. In both cases they will endure.

BeastFuture member of your team. You have the right to not invite him yet.

FaneFuture member of your team. You have the right to not invite him yet.

Fane (Skeleton)Future member of your team. You can not invite him yet. He will be right here after the explosion.

Ifan ben-MezdFuture member of your team. You have the right to not invite him yet.

LohseFuture member of your team. You have the right to not invite her yet.

SebilleFuture member of your team. You deserve to not invite her yet.

The Red PrinceFuture member of your team. You can not invite him yet.


Magister PaydeRelated quests: Troubled Waters.

Magister SiwanRelated quests: Troubled Waters.

Magister WatersRelated quests: Troubled Waters.

Magister William and WindegoWhen you come here you will certainly witness exactly how Windego casts an effective spell, kills the Magisters and also disshows up.Related quests: Troubled Waters.

Magisters Murtof and also RicksTry to guide them (req. Persuasion 1+) or kill them.You must usage your weapon to destroy the door and gain into the room.Related quests: Troubled Waters.


Chest (lvl 1)

Chest (lvl 5)

Chest (lvl 5)

Chest via Confiscated GoodsInside you should discover some tools.

Worn-Out Chest (lvl 5)


Places wright here you will certainly sucount have to fight against the opponent(s).

Voidlings (lvl 1)2 x Viscous Voidling.


Transitions in between map levels, areas, and so on.

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LifeboatHere you can leave the ship. You can additionally decide to go back to the reduced deck and try to conserve the rest of the crew.Related quests: Troubled Waters.