We are not alien to the reality that bugs, fps issues, lag and also stuttering have practically become mandatory parts of every gaming title launch these days. Same is the situation with Tom Clancy’s The division 2.

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Players have actually been witnessing a most fps issues, bugs, glitches, lag and also stuttering during their gameplay. This is hindering the all at once experience and also in the finish these issues would only bring about a bad taste in the mouths that the players. Though it is possible to resolve the lag and also fps drops through the help of few tweaks here and also there, their are certain bugs and glitches that cannot be fixed without proper knowledge.


Lately, players have been reporting a an insect that is causing audio concerns in The division 2, leave players v no sound in ~ all. We deserve to all agree that it is difficult to play a video game without sound and this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Also though Ubisoft has not exit a long-term fix because that this bug, your are details methods players can try in bespeak to deal with the no sound or audio an insect in The division 2. Here is how to fix no sound or audio bug in The department 2:

No Sound Or Audio an insect In department 2 – exactly how To Fix

How To settle No Sound Or Audio pest In department 2 method #1

While you space in-game, press Alt+Tab come go the end of the game and then press Alt+Tab again to go in. This has fixed the issue for a the majority of users.


How To deal with No Sound Or Audio bug In department 2 method #2

Open Task Manager

Select Processes

Look because that the procedure called “Logitech Surround Service” indigenous the list

Right click on that process and select finish Task

How To resolve No Sound Or Audio pest In department 2 technique #3

Open Task Manager

Select Processes

Look for the process called “Logitech Gaming Software” native the list

Right click that procedure and pick End Task

Restart PC


How To solve No Sound Or Audio pest In division 2 an approach #4

Unplug the Logitech G533 Dongle from her computer and plug-it in again. This is a fix suggested in the community and also seems to be working just fine

How To settle No Sound Or Audio an insect In department 2 an approach #5


The settle he suggested involved changing your voice chat output an equipment to her speakers. And he additionally mentioned the he is getting his in-game sounds on his headset and not native the speakers even after transforming it.

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How To fix No Sound Or Audio an insect In department 2 method #6

Close any sort that overclocking application that is running in the background. Applications favor MSI Afterbuner, Zotac Firestorm etc.