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"I have a better Idea", additionally known as Bill and Phil, is a captioned stock photo series in i beg your pardon two civilization discuss coining a brand-new term, which typically includes a surname pun joke followed by the sentence "I have a far better idea."


On April 6th, 2015, the
InternetHippo<8> Twitter feed posted a mock conversation in i beg your pardon a guy named Phil proposes they contact a giant advertising plank a "philboard," followed by a guy named invoice saying "I have a far better idea" (shown below). Within 2 years, the tweet acquired over 20,000 likes and also 12,000 retweets.


On august 18th, 2016, a stock picture of two men captioned through the mock dialogue to be submitted to /r/youdontsurf,<1> garnering 13,500 votes (91% upvoted) and also 100 comments over the next five months (shown below).



On September 17th, 2016, the /r/BillAndPhil<2> sugreddit was released for the captioned stock photos. ~ above September 19th, /r/BillAndPhil<4> user Danchekker post a captioned version of the institution of Athens painting, special a name pun based on the word "philosophy" (shown below, left). ~ above September 24th, Redditor buttwarmers posted a stock picture of two women joking around curing depression through genocide and suicide (shown below, right).<6>


On November 21st, Redditor doowi1 posted a stock photograph of two males named Bill and Buil, who discuss what to call a structure (shown below, left). Top top December 5th, Redditor cheesinator post a stock photograph of two guys in laboratory coats called Robert and also Ethan, in which lock coin the name for ethanol (shown below, right).

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On December 12th, the original "philboard" image macro was reposted on Break,<3> where it gained over 277,000 see in 2 months. ~ above January 25th, Redditor Eloykwik referred to the series as "Robert/Ethan memes," explain they to be seeing a "dramatic drop" on /r/memeeconomy.<9>

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