Me...Just kidding, I honestly don't understand. I initially saw it come from One Room, however I additionally have actually seen it come from Infinite Stratos and a few others that are older than One RoomIt most likely came from somepoint i haven't watched, yet those 2 particularly remember seeing this phrase pop up in.

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Probably doesn't come from a series however from cultural ideas in Japan that included up sometime over a specific period of time and also is what it is currently

* its just proposed (but probably not gonna gain voted in) not that a lot research got in finding even more examples
this trope has actually its basis in an old Japanese practice - its name in Japan is "shinkon santaku", approximately definition "newlyweds 3 choices"
I guess nobody realy came up through that. it's a joke that anyone can create and various human being made. perhaps, that knows.
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I couldn't find the exact clip on YouTube yet that "Bath, dinner or me" scene from Dokidoki Little Ooyasan has been engraved into my mind.
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