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Is there a write up on replacing a behind wheel bearing because that a 2009 lamb 1500 4x4 with a 9.25 rear axle? Is it one bearing per wheel? ns was told to take the c clip the end of the differential and the axles slide out. Any kind of special devices needed? Thanks!!

Hi, Kyle, and thanks because that joining the Ns encourage you to protect against by the Newbie Checkin section and introduce yourself so other members and also give you a ideal how-do-ya-do.Don"t recognize if there"s a compose up, but youtube will probably have several videos top top it.Yes, girlfriend will have to open the pumpkin (differential), eliminate the pin, remove the clips and remove the axle shafts. No all the difficult, I"ve done it number of times myself. The one pointer that I"ll give you... It"s much much easier on a lift.

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