Most beer drinkers have the right to relate when it concerns tales around beer gone bad when left out and what happens once it gets skunky. This has started a little of a myth that cycling temperatures have an result on beer’s freshness, yet it is together you read—a myth. After ~ all, even during the brewing process, beer is based on boiling, cooling, and also periods fermenting external of a refrigerator. Let’s not forget imported beer, which goes through several temperature changes before it even arrives at the store.

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If beer went bad because of temperature cycling, the whole world would be drowning in skunked beer. So, the brings about the questions: walk beer go negative if left out opened or unopened? have the right to refrigerated beer be left unrefrigerated?

Let’s number it out.

What provides Beer go Bad?

Beer goes bad for a variety of reasons, yet it’s not temperature cycling—or the rise and fall of ambient temperature—that does it. Once beer goes bad, that is often the result of three things: oxygen, bacteria, and light. The just time when beer is affected by temperature and also goes stale is as soon as the warm is extreme.

If you’re thinking, “But wait, wouldn’t irradiate exposure likewise increase the temperature?” Well, yes, yet it’s not the temperature that’s the culprit. Her skin and beer have one thing in common: lock both dislike UV rays. The chemistry compounds in hops will certainly react come ultraviolet light, turning beer skunky.


So, girlfriend don’t need to worry about your warmed beer tasting foul. What friend truly need to worry around is leaving your party of brew the end in the sunshine if you’re gardening or opening the can and also forgetting about it. This way that if friend just got a home shipment of new beer or picked up a six-pack because that a party yet there’s no room in the cooler, yes no factor to sweat. Simply find some ar out that the sun to store the beer.

Because, as we claimed before, extreme temperatures and direct heat that is upwards the 80-plus degrees F (26+ degrees C) could start messing v your beer’s freshness.

What Happens as soon as Beer Warms then Gets Re-Cooled?

There room a couple of paths we can go v this answer. First, as mentioned above, a chilled load of beer can sit the end on the respond to for a bit, maybe even get a little warm, and also then be placed in the refrigerator later on without any type of real penalties. Friend won’t notice any decreased flavors. The bitterness and aromas will remain the same.

If you decision to bring a cold pack of beer home then save it there is no refrigerating it, the beer i will not ~ last together long, however again, the flavor will certainly be fine.

But what wake up if the location that as soon as cool beer is stored gets hot? Well, really warm temperature will begin affecting the high quality of the beer in ~ a couple of days. For instance, malts will become sickeningly sweet, or part beers acquire the odor of soggy cardboard. One of two people way, not the ideal outcome.

In short, beer can pertained to room temperature and also be fine. Just don’t expose it to excessive heat or straight sunlight or oxygen for too long.

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Does beer go bad if left out? In most cases, no. You deserve to store beer in a cool, dark place for months. What friend cannot carry out is save beer somewhere hot or in direct sunlight. So, there is no factor to fret over temperature cycling. Her beer will certainly be fine!


How long can beer it is in left unrefrigerated?

Even when you pull a cool six-pack indigenous the freezer section of the store and also bring it home, you deserve to leave the unrefrigerated for some time. In fact, once commercially bottled or crate beer is left in a cool, dark place, you have the right to count on it gift fine for numerous months or years. As long as the room is not above 95 levels F (35 degrees C), your beer have to keep because that a while. Now, if the beer is opened, that’s an additional matter entirely. If beer is exposed come air, it will certainly go poor much an ext quickly than if that is left unopened and unrefrigerated.

Can i drink beer the was left out?

That depends. Exactly how long was the beer left out for? Is over there still a tiny fizz? was the beer left exposed to irradiate or somewhere warm? relying on your answers, you may have the ability to drink it. You execute want to prevent beer that has been left out and is now skunked. This method that the beer has been exposed come sunlight and also has a negative odor or tastes favor cardboard. You should also avoid beer that has actually a cabbage or sulfuric scent. Girlfriend won’t obtain sick indigenous drinking negative beer, though, for this reason if friend accidentally take a sip of skunky beer, don’t worry.

Does beer go poor if left out open?

Yes. Once opened, beer has a much shorter lifespan. Also if you leave an opened have the right to or bottle of beer in the fridge, it will still walk flat. This happens because the carbonation in the party or have the right to leaves the beer in ~ 24-48 hours.

How long can beer be stored in ~ room temperature?

Most beers will certainly last beyond the expiration day printed ~ above the packaging. You deserve to store beer in ~ room temperature (in a dark, cool place) and also have it last for around 6-9 month after the best-used-by date. Girlfriend don’t have to refrigerate beer to save it.

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If did you do it still obtained questions about whether beer will certainly survive exterior your fridge, inspect out this video!

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