i need to glue two electrical contacts together… what is a encourage glue to usage ?

the original glue has actually worn off, and also the 2 parts have come unstuck… ns was wondering even if it is i could use superglue or even if it is i needed some particular conducting glue ?

i thought about soldering, yet i’d fairly use glue…

I execute not think any glue will work, at least not and soldering. I recommend soldering. It takes a couple of seconds and also it’s done.

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What are the contact made of ?Is the a 5 volt circuit, or 110 volt ?You say the original glue has actually worn off. Was it in reality on the contacts, or just on the housing about the contacts ?If the a short voltage circuit, the contacts are more than likely springy metal, in a plastic housing; and the glue simply holds the 2 bits the plastic together.If that’s the case, you can use any an excellent plastic glue. Just be certain not to get any kind of on the contact themselves.

In my shop, we frequently soldered electric connections together, then covered the relationships using a hot-glue gun. The glue chin is not conductive, yet its existence was to defend the call (and the human being who might touch the contact), no to ensure a good electrical connection.

Solder first, glue afterward. Warm glue is far better than superglue due to the fact that (when cool) it isn’t sticky any more, acquisition the type of a hard plastic shell.

Superglue doesn’t conduct. If you want to “glue” an electrical contact, there space conductive paints supplied to shortcut electron microscopic lense specimens top top mounting stubs yet they room expensive and an overwhelming to get hold of, and also have small mechanical strength. Ns have provided them, and covered the joint through epoxy for toughness after the paint has actually dried, but soldering is easier, faster and an ext likely come work.

Super-Glue will not work, as I speak from experience.

Christmas, 1991:

My youngest step-brother acquired a pair of cheap walkie-talkies. Ns decied they no transmit much enough, for this reason my various other step-bro (who was my age) and I determined to take one apart, and also replace the ‘duck’ antenna through a whip.

An hour right into the project, we realized that we screwed up, and also started to placed the mess earlier together…Only to discover that the cable from the positive section that the antenna had to be soldered on to the circuit board.

Hmmmmm…No soldering steel handy, and dad would be pissed if the knew us tore apart the talkies. Superglue to the rescue!

It no work. :mad:

On a lighter note, after mine younger step-bro battered crying, mine dad patted us on the back for being so interested in radio. (hey, us were all hams) However, we had actually to purchase him brand-new walkie-talkies.

So the bottom line: No, Super-Glue will not work.


DougC respectable 31, 2002, 3:19pm #7
There are repair kits for car window defrosters the may. The kits contain some type of paint/whatever (?) the you use to re-paint breaks in the little metal defroster lines on the behind window. (I must fix the back home window o’ me ride, never got about to that yet,). Once I searched the net, there just seemed to be a pair of carriers that make them.~
Bryan_Ekers august 31, 2002, 3:32pm #8

*Originally post by DougC ***- - - There space repair kits for car home window defrosters the may. The kit contain some kind of paint/whatever (?) that you use to re-paint breaks in the little metal defroster lines on the rear window. (I need to fix the back window o’ me ride, never ever got about to the yet,). Once I searched the net, there just seemed to it is in a pair of carriers that do them.~ **

I have the same problem. The defroster connector broke and I had a heck of a time working with that fluid solder. I ultimately took it come a garage and also watched the mechanic perform it. Now the damn thing’s damaged off again and I need to take treatment of it before winter, however at least I have a better idea exactly how to go about it.

DougC august 31, 2002, 4:07pm #9

http://www.frostfighter.com/ff_resourcs.htm~This is the “big” company, I found a smaller one what also.I haven’t tried the ingredient yet.

DougC august 31, 2002, 4:17pm #10
-We chandelier See shortly Enough: I just ordered the $20 defroster fix kit native Frostfighter.~
Mangetout august 31, 2002, 8:21pm #11

I’ve viewed conducting glue in the RS components catalogue; it was a lengthy time ago, but they might still offer it - it to be an epoxy resin adhesive (two tubes) loaded v silver flakes.

Crafter_Man august 31, 2002, 9:10pm #12

For crying-out-loud, solder the cursed thing and also be done v it…


xash September 1, 2002, 10:14pm #13

thanks for her responses. So, superglue is a non-conductor then…

ok, this is what ns trying to do:

it’s a component on a handspring visor prism. The pins at the ago and bottom of the visor, which affix the visor to the synchronizing cradle, have come loose. Usually it’s a plastic block v pins resident in it… i can’t describe it also well, however let’s just say the it has actually two metal jutting outs the were linked to two metal points on the board of the handspring… once these were glued tight together, together originally, each pin in the block immediately sat on peak of it’s equivalent contact allude on the board… yet with this glue having actually come unstuck, the plastic block keeps getting misaligned… to resolve it i need to glue this jutting the end two metal parts come their 2 metal call points on the board…

the thing is i don’t have a multimeter, so ns can’t check just however whether this two steel parts that jut the end of the plastic block actually form part that the circuit or whether they’re there just to keep the rest of the pins to adjust properly…

it appears to me native the pcb the these two steel parts are component of the circuit, but i’m no sure, and can’t check it yet…

also, i don’t have any type of solder wax… i just have solder wire and also a soldering iron… ns was wondering whether that might lead to a dried solder ? i haven’t soldered noþeles in a long time, for this reason i was an ext keen on utilizing a conductive glue…

*Originally posted by xash ***also, ns don’t have any kind of solder wax… ns just have solder wire and a soldering iron… i was wondering even if it is that could lead come a dried solder ? i haven’t soldered something in a long time, hence i was an ext keen on making use of a conductive glue… **

Wax? i assume you mean flux. I seldom use flux once soldering electronic components, since the surfaces space usually tinned or accordingly plated. Besides, many solder offered for electronics (“rosin core”) includes flux in the core.

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I’m still a little confused what this thing looks like. At any kind of rate, you require to find a method to create a good, reputable connection. If there’s a way it deserve to be soldered, then solder it.