Colin Kroll, the co-founder that Vine and CEO of HQ Trivia has passed away. Back in 2012, in ~ the period of 28, Kroll co-founded Vine together with his partner Dom Hofmann and also Rus Yusupov. The short-form video clip sharing organization took the people by storm prior to Snapchat and also Instagram stories swooped in and made the obsolete. Many Vine stars ended up being full-fledged celebrities using the platform to produce and share six-second videos that played ~ above a loop.

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After Vine, Kroll did a brief stint over at Twitter and eventually landed at HQ Trivia in 2015. Sadly, Kroll’s life has ended tragically. He was discovered dead in brand-new York City top top Dec. 16, 2018.

Honorees Rus Yusupov (L) and Colin Kroll (R) accept the Breakthrough Award for Emerging an innovation from rapper Lil Jon | Jeff Bottari/Getty images for Variety

Colin Kroll’s net worth and legacy

Before he passed far at the period of 34, Kroll to be a millionaire numerous times over. The Oakland college alum who graduated through a degree in computer Science to be a brilliant engineer and also spent 2 years at Yahoo! as their chief Technological Officer before he went on to discovered Vine. At its hey-day, Vine was so substantial that it had actually an astounding 40 million individuals — including former President Barack Obama.

Kroll stated of Vine’s creation, “We feeling that video was on the brink of becoming this new medium the everyone would use, in the same way that image had come to be that medium over the vault fifteen years… We want to get large fast, we want to acquire this the end in the world and let people attach in this way. I think it settled really well.”

Unfortunately, Kroll’s an individual issues and management style got in the means of his career. He to be fired indigenous Twitter after some female partner made part allegations against him. He was called, “abrasive and also disinterested, and it was claimed that he could be verbally abusive to colleagues.” His time in ~ HQ Trivia also had some bumps. In ~ the height of 2018, HQ Trivia was in the height 10 the downloaded gamings on Apple’s application Store. Recently, the company’s rankings had slid down between 250 and 500.

Additionally, an HQ Trivia employee had lodged a complain against Kroll v Human Resources stating the Kroll had actually an “aggressive monitoring style” which led to a hostile work environment.

HQ Trivia Co-Founder and also CEO Colin Kroll Dead at 35 of noticeable Drug Overdose

— TMZ (
TMZ) December 16, 2018

Kroll’s reason of death

In the at an early stage morning hours of Dec. 16, 2018, Kroll was found dead in his downtown brand-new York City apartment. His girlfriend had to be unable to acquire in contact with him, so she asked the brand-new York Police room to do a health check. Once the police came down on his apartment, they discovered Kroll unresponsive in his bedroom. Because both heroin and cocaine were found near Kroll’s human body — police have reason to believe that Kroll passed away of a drug overdose.

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An autopsy will be performed, and also the new York City medical examiner will certainly determine Kroll’s exact reason of death.