Slalocybins by Don"t expedition Skateboards are precision trucks for slalom racing setups. Slalocybins are RKP (reverse kingpin) style, CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and feature adjustable angle baseplates v spherical bearings in hanger and in pivot. Riptide bushings are included. Complete is silver/raw hanger on black baseplate - color choices may be easily accessible periodically - at discretion that mfg. Please inquire once ordering if interested in other feasible color options.

Hanger Sizes

90mm minimum come 96-102-108mm (adjustable spacing options)

100mm minimum to 106-112-118mm (adjustable spacing options)

125mm minimum to 131-137-143mm (adjustable spacing options)


Front flexible 30-70 level - 2.5" to center of axle

Bushings Included

Riptide dimension .6" boardside and also roadside



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