Obb records download in my jobs stopped working newly for every my unpublished applications. The error string is in the topic. Yet it works for published applications (that might be the clue)!

My machine is Nexus 7 (2012), ns upgraded it come 4.4.2 newly (that might be another clue).

The error comes from course com.google.android.vending.expansion.downloader.impl

public void applicationError(int errorCode)is called with errorCode 3. I wonder if anybody to know what it means.

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Any suggestions just how to make obb records download work-related are appreciated!

android apk-expansion-files
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asked may 20 "14 at 11:34

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errorCode 3 way that the downloaded paper don"t originates from the market.

You probably need to examine the "Allow installation of apps indigenous unknown sources" in device security settings.

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answered might 20 "14 at 11:47

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There space a couple of things to take into consideration when the device is not downloading the expansion files.

You have the right to read much more about experimentation the expansion record downloads here.

Make sure the applications you desire to test has actually been released in the developer"s console. It will take a few hours come publish as soon as you have done this, therefore you could want come publish the day before you test. You can publish come alpha while trial and error so friend don"t have to release it to the market in order to test.

Make sure you"re logged right into the machine using one account that is registered together a tester that the app.

Make sure that your an equipment is detailed in the list of approved devices on the developer"s console. Ns think all devices are approved by default.

Make sure that the version number of the expansion record that you have noted on the test application is the exact same version number the is ~ above the developer"s console itself.

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This may not be required, however if friend haven"t published the app to the store, make sure that you"re utilizing a construct with the exact same signature together the application on the developer"s console.

From my experience, it"s some combination of these that are providing you an issue.