Over the years, Dr. Phil has had actually strange cases on his talk show. According to the show’s website, “Dr. Phil gives the most comprehensive forum on mental health issues in the history of television.” among the much more memorable guest on Dr. Phil is probably Danielle Bergoli or the “Cash Me external Girl.” Now, she is well-known as rapper, Bhad Bhabie. Parental regularly carry their misbehaving youngsters on Dr. Phil. On Friday’s illustration (June 11) Dr. Phil introduce viewers come DJ. DJ is a 14-year-old the is for this reason violent, his household feels choose hostages in their very own home.

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Meet violent DJ and also his mom, Victoria

Sadly, Victoria, DJ’s mom says there is a background of violence with DJ. Shockingly, as soon as DJ was just 5 years old, he stabbed 3 the his family members. Now that he’s 14, Victoria defines him as “violent, angry, and also out of control.” In a cry because that help, Victoria notes the she’s called the police on DJ over 50 times. Undoubtedly, she is in fear for her safety and also has come lock it s her in she room due to the fact that DJ “regularly attacks and threatens her.”

The 30-second clip ahead of Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil that introduces viewers to Victoria and also DJ is disturbing native the beginning. That starts through in-home security footage that Victoria and DJ in the life room. Victoria is functioning on the computer and also DJ is lounging about on his phone. Out of nowhere, he simply starts beating himself and the furniture.

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A teenage boy’s mother is terrified. Deserve to Dr. Phil help?

One of the much more shocking things in this 30-second trailer is DJ himself saying, “If i really do the efforts to, I might kill somebody.” In simply a couple of seconds, viewers see just how emotionless and also blank behind eyes this teenage young is. Clock the full clip here,

Next, Victoria says that she “feels favor a hostage in very own home.” Rightfully so, DJ has damaged his mother’s nose. Dr. Phil reiterates that Victoria is “sincerely afraid the can wind up dead.” without hesitation, Victoria says, “absolutely.” Heartbreaking as it is, the clip ends through Victoria saying that she “doesn’t know exactly how to assist him.”

Do friend think Dr. Phil will certainly be may be to assist Victoria and also DJ? go the trailer because that Friday’s episode shock you? allow us recognize your thoughts in the comment ar below. Make certain to come earlier to TV mirrors Ace for an ext television news.

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