Saturday respectable 26th was the date Triplemanía XXV happened and also a large controversial bet enhance was scheduled: Dr. Wagner Jr.

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vs Psycho Clown, mask vs mask. The result, past the imaginable, transformed current lucha libre pan vision about the business. But, why?

The Luchadores


Dr. Wagner Jr. Began his job 32 years back at the period of 20. He is the boy of a famous luchador referred to as Dr. Wagner that made himself a legend being one of the many acclaimed luchadores at the time he wrestled in between 1961 and 1986, month after he lost his mask against lucha idol El Solitario. Dr. Wagner an elderly is among the couple of lucha libre legends who space respected names but had tiny international exposure.


Unlike his father, Wagner Jr. Received global exposure in ~ young age, travelling to Japan because he worked for the CMLL in the at an early stage 90s. Wagner Jr.´s relationship with CMLL to be intermitent so that was through AAA, the two biggest promotions in México. Wagner Jr. Rapidly ended up being one of the best referents that lucha libre in that decade, greatly for his work rhythm. The approached indy lands and wrestled anywhere the nation in the most necessary squares and even the smallest. Wagner Jr. Ended up being one of the most impressive and requested luchadores in the country. The wrestled the likes of negro Casas, Hijo del Santo, Hijo del Solitario, Ángel Blanco Jr., La Parka and L.A. Park; all being crudo rivalries and also rating his name to big numbers. Wagner Jr. Won a mask vs mask gambling match against Máscara Año Dos Mil Jr. 5 years back at Triplemanía XX.

Psycho Clown is the third generation child of world famed Brazo de Plata, likewise known together Súper Porky (who had actually a stint in WCW) component of the trío referred to as Los Brazos (The Arms), legend trío indigenous the 80s, young of Shadito Cruz, an old luchador indigenous the 60s. Psycho is 31 year old and also debuted 17 years earlier working in independent promotions using the surname of his father, being dubbed Brazo de Plata Jr. Later on he pertained to CMLL where he wrestled as Kronos however had no influence and went to AAA in 2007 as part of the trío Psycho Circus. Psycho Clown growed the carácter by himself and went to huge scenarios feuding v Texano Jr. An initial for the Megacampeonato whereby Texano Jr. Retained and also after that on a bet enhance mask vs hair in ~ Triplemanía XXII where Psycho won and also Texano Jr. The biggest attract at the moment, to be shaved. Last year, in ~ Triplemanía XXIV, Psycho Clown went to another bet match against Pagano ~ above a Street match, winning and also shaving Pagano.

Triplemanía XXV


Surrounded by uncertainty and distrust, Wagner Jr. Encounters Psycho Clown ~ above this huge feud which ends on a bet match, mask vs mask. Both luchadores space in the optimal of their fame and also give the fans a match where interventions room minimum (Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. renders a couple of interventions on a discreet way) and also work old fashion, ripping their masks and with blood shed. Wagner Jr. Defends his mask until Psycho makes rapid moves top top the ropes and also captures Wagner ~ above a Canadian destroyer to gain the win. The complement hardly touch the 20 minutes and we can´t tell it was a mask vs mask match. Not only it was as well short, it didn´t have the emotion of the end of one era. It was a an excellent match, sober, no more.

Dr. Wagner offers his mask come his son who cries bereaved, to him be the one who hands the mask to the victorious Psycho Clown. Wagner Jr. Repeats, together vain consolation, the exact same words his father stated to El Solitario as soon as he lost his mask versus him in 1986: ns tell girlfriend this: guy to man, friend can´t defeat me. Then contact Psycho a legend, speak to up his family and also telle they space a empire on lucha libre. The crowd explodes, cheers Wagner Jr. As he goes out of the ring and Psycho calls the a legend too. All an excellent vibes in the arena Ciudad de México.

Meanwhile at the fandom

Days prior to the encounter, rumours walk to civilization sharing fake programs “foreseeing” Wagner Jr. Was around to lost his mask in ~ Triplemanía XXV because they say: introducing Dr. Wagner Jr. Without the mask, which reason lots that fans marketing their tickets for the occasion on society media and also promotion The Crash trying come capitalize the poor publicity to their own great talking around “suprises” the same night that Triplemanía XXV to be going to be aired. (The surprise was a brand-new alliance with CMLL to be Rush and also Pierroth will perform for The Crash).

Then, social media exploded that very same night, talking about fraud and Wagner Jr. Being a marketed out performer, providing his legendary mask to a nobody. Being AAA a distrusted company for numerous fans, the accusations went in the direction of the product they´ve to be offering during the last ten years, concluding the lucha libre meant nothing because that the second biggest promo in the country.

Disbelief in lucha libre has brief but concise background where the fandom criticizes the darkening the lucha in prior of puroresu and American wrestling and people looking front to WWE and brand-new Japan in current times. People perceive that legends in lucha libre space falling to foreign wrestlers and also rookies. In the case of AAA, the occupational of Psycho Clown is dismissed and taken together a plastic product, even when the number say the contrary. Number of luchadores deserted indigenous CMLL and also AAA in find of far better opportunities, one of two people on indy promotions or out of the country. AAA is right now in the eye of the tornado, due to the fact that fans space talking around boycotting their shows and not watching your tv transmitions. This perspective is acquisition its toll as the work pass and nobody knows to this day what´s next, since Dr. Wagner simply announced transforming his name to Rey Wagner because of AAA registering the name Dr. Wagner Jr. In the U.S.

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As today, several rumours space floating in the air and the resources are equeal to none, however a presentation that Wagner without his mask in an almost empty arena states a lot. Concerns are in the air, what´s following for Wagner? What´s following for his son who offers the surname Dr. Wagner Jr. In indepent gift (his name was Hijo del Dr. Wagner)? What´s next for AAA? We deserve to only wait.

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