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If you want to get in beast mode in DA:I multiplayer, there’s no much better class to play 보다 the Arcane Warrior. This man is super tough, deals a ton the damage, and has both ranged and also melee attacks. Right here is the construct I usage for group play – I use a different develop to solo Perilous with this character, so read here if that’s what you’re interested in. Psychic you, I’ve prestiged about 30 time so my AW can deal about 15% much more damage than a base level AW. Mages are the easiest course to level up and also prestige so ns recommend you carry out it as much as possible!You deserve to watch my video clip or you deserve to scroll down for a created walkthrough:Arcane Warrior starts with heart Blade and Chain Lightning. Heart Blade cuts through enemies like butter and also Chain lighting paralyzes them. No a bad combo to start with in ~ Level 1!

First, I choose to begin spec-ing out the Mentalism tree to acquire that life-saving barrier up as quickly as possible. I gain Fade Shield very first so that barrier starts generating every time I deal damage. Next, I acquire Guardian Spirit for this reason if I practically go down, I’ll gain 100% obstacle to save me going. It’s like basically having an extra life.For my next couple of points, I acquire Gathering Storm in order to get Mind over Matter. Since dealing damages restores barrier, you’ll require Mind Over issue to avoid gaining interrupted through flanking or staggering. Then, I gain Strength the Spirits come further an increase my barrier.After powering the barrier, I favor to begin spec-ing the end the elemental tree. I first go with the Chain Lightning upgrade of Arcing Surge so the my Chain Lightning hits more enemies. With one Chain Lightning, I have the right to charge up my barrier all the way!My next step is to get Frost Step and also Pull the the Abyss. Frost action is super helpful for quick escapes and survivability, while pull of the Abyss help you attract all your enemies close together. Law a combo of PotA and also Chain light will definitely get your barrier up 100%. You’ll need to spec the end a few passives in stimulate to obtain to traction of the Abyss, therefore this will take numerous levels to acquire both of these powers fully spec’d out.After all four of mine powers space assigned (Chain Lightning, pull of the Abyss, soul Sword, Frost Step), climate I prefer to start putting points into passives.

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Honestly, I’ve tried almost all sport of passives and also haven’t checked out a far-reaching performance distinction with any details combo. So, i won’t walk into information on the passives – just do everything you like! :)Do you prefer this Arcane Warrior build? allow me recognize in comments!