This quest is obtained after opening the first gate in the Darkspawn Warrens. Native there, friend will discover a more eight gates, each of which requiring miscellaneous numbers of old gears come open. Every one of the gates are easily discovered along the key thoroughfares of the Deep Roads.

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First door - needs 3 gears¶

This gate leads come a cavern containing numerous darkspawn and a young boss called The Reveneant. This ceo behaves like a darkspawn emissary and shouldn’t cause much trouble, but you’ll desire to take the end the weak darkspawn before focusing ~ above it.

Location: discovered along the path shortly after ~ passing the initiating gate.

Second door - requires 3 gears¶

This gate leads to a cavern containing four Hurlocks which are conveniently dealt with. You have the right to take a faster way to the damages of Heidrun Thaig at the other end of the cavern once you’ve cleared the area.

Location: south west the the very first lift in the ruins of Heidrun Thaig.

Third door - requires 4 gears¶

There room no opponents contained past this gate, however there’s many of loot and another ancient gear.

Location: straight opposite the 2nd gate.

Fourth gate - requires 4 gears¶

As you enter the cavern past this door you will certainly be ambushed by a darkspawn Emissary and a couple of lesser darkspawn. They shouldn’t pose lot of a threat and you will discover plenty the loot when they’re dead.


This gate can only be opened when the exploration Table procedure ‘Deep roadways Expeditions: Heidrun Thaig upper Bridge’ has actually been completed.

Fifth door - needs 4 gears¶

The cavern past this gate has a number of lesser darkspawn which are conveniently defeated. Girlfriend will have the ability to establish an expedition flag once everything is dead.


This gate deserve to only be opened when the exploration Table procedure ‘Heidrun Thaig reduced Bridge’ has actually been completed.

Sixth door - requires 4 gears¶

This gate leads to a small cave which has two Genlock Alphas. You have the right to lead them ago out the the room to fight castle with an ext space if necessary.

Location: In the eastern ar of the darkspawn colony which is ruined by fire throughout The Descent.

Seventh door - needs 5 gears¶

The cavern past this gate includes numerous darkspawn Stalkers. These deserve to be deadly uneven you take it them out easily with an effective area of impact damage.

Location: In the northern section that the Legion the the Dead Camp in the ruins of Heidrun Thaig.

Eighth gate - needs 5 gears¶

The cave beyond this gate consists of some corrupted spiders, i beg your pardon are easily defeated.

Location: in ~ the damages of Heidrun Thaig, close to the main bridge.

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Ninth gate - needs 5 gears¶

This gate is not marked on the map until it has actually been opened. Head to the huge dwarven statue at the south finish of the main bridge in the ruins of Heidrun Thaig. Come the left that an enntrance gate to the cavern behind the statue, you’ll find a narrow passage. Follow this to find the gate beyond. There space no mobs in ~ the cave.