Best Warrior Build in Dragon Age: Inquisition Reavers are effective warriors in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Armored Sword & Shield Reaver develop ensures they have the right to both tank and deal massive damage.

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Two warriors fight enemies in Dragon Age: Inquisition
When taking on dragons, demons, and also darkgenerate in Dragon Age: Inquisition, it"s necessary to have actually a character who deserve to deal massive damage and also relocate approximately the battlefield with ease. The warrior course in Dragon Age: Inquisition permits players to withstand also hefty blows from opponents and deal substantial damage that mperiods and also rogues can not always accomplish. Characters of any race deserve to be warriors, and players deserve to choose whether their warrior mostly offers a two-handed weapon or a weapon and also shield. At the begin of the game, they will have access to 4 skill trees they have the right to use to build their warrior. About halfmeans through the game, they have the right to pick a specialization: Templar, Champion, or Reaver.

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Many warrior builds emphasis on dealing hefty damages and taking as bit damage as possible, or, tanking. However, the Reaver field of expertise adheres to a various strategy. Reavers have to take damages and lose wellness to usage their abilities, which have the right to make them reliable and also effective warriors, if not a somewhat risky choice. Most players would certainly follow the default construct for companion The Iron Bull once structure a Reaver and use a two-handed weapon, however an armored weapon and shield Reaver is frequently more reliable. Players have the right to usage the Armored Sword & Shield Reaver develop for their warrior in Dragon Age: Inquisition to get the most out of their course, serving as a huge damage-dealer and tank all at once.

Iron Bull lays out the regards to his romance for the Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition
An Armored Sword & Shield Reaver warrior will should begin by using Reaver abilities and also letting their wellness drop rather. Then, when their health and wellness is low, they deserve to usage their armor abilities, especially from the Vanguard and Sword and also Shield trees, to stay alive. This will allow them to tank for a while before dealing even more enormous blows.

Players will not have actually accessibility to the Reaver specialization and ability tree till about halfway through the game. Until they get it, it is a good principle to develop the character making use of the forced skills from the various other trees and then pick up the Reaver skills later. Alternatively, players can respec the warrior later using a Tactician"s Renewal amulet.

Just like any type of Reaver develop, there is constantly the chance players will certainly accidentally kill their character a couple of times till they get the hang of this strategy. That is normal and also meant, and players have the right to exercise this develop on Iron Bull prior to making use of it for their Inquisitor if they favor.

Blackwall in the Hinterlands throughout The Lone Warden in Dragon Age: Inquisition
The necessary abilities for this construct are:

Sword and Shield

Shield WallPayago Strike & Sweet Revenge (upgrade)Bear Mauls the WolvesWarrior"s ResolveTurn the BoltTurn the BladeShield Bash & Ring the Bell (upgrade)


War Cry & Call to Arms (upgrade)Untouchable DefenseIt"ll Cost YouLivid & Still Standing (upgrade)


Ring of Pain & Torrent of PainBlood FrenzyFervorRampageScenting BloodDevour & Consume (upgrade)Dragon Rage & Ravage (upgrade)

Players have the right to additionally pick up the following optional abilities from the Battleunderstand tree, which deserve to be advantageous when they have added ability points to spend:

Grappling Chain & Give them the Boot (upgrade)Crippling BlowsCoup De Grace

The Fereldan Frostearlier high dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition is just one of the initially a player and also their party will encounter
Tright here is likewise the option of picking up Charging Bull and also its upgrade, Gore and Trample. This deserve to be valuable to cshed the distance between the warrior and also enemy, knock down the enemy, and enable the warrior to use one more capacity without using toughness. It"s an excellent ability to have actually, however not important. It can likewise be taken in area of Untouchable Defense, It"ll Cost You, and also Livid and also its upgrade.

Players have to erected their skill bar through Ring of Pain, Devour, Dragon Rage, Payago Strike, Shield Bash, War Cry, and also Ramweb page. The last slot deserve to be used for Charging Bull, Grappling Chain, Livid, or, if the Inquisitor is the Reaver, Mark of the Rift.

To maximize damage, players should craft their own armor and also tools. When crafting, they should usage products and also Masterfunctions that increase important opportunity or include a critical damage bonus. In their shield specifically, they will want to use products that increase defense and also lower the strength cost for abilities. The Battleunderstand Armor schematic will be particularly helpful, and also players have to build with materials that include bonsupplies to defense and attacks.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Companions at the table
It have the right to also help to usage specific accessories to make the build work-related even better. The following items can be provided to stack stat bonuses that will certainly make the Armored Reaver also even more powerful:

Enhanced Belt of UrgencySuperb Ring of AttackSuperb Ring of Critical DamageKitty"s CollarSuperb Amulet of Dexterity

Players using this build have to not be afrassist to watch some of their health decrease, as that will certainly only make them more powerful as a Reaver and allow them to take dvery own even the toughest opponents through family member ease. This develop can maximize damage output, tank potential, and also survivcapability.

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