This is my an initial top 10 and also it is top top the peak 10 KI Blast Supers in Dragon round Xenoverse. Because that anyone who is searching for the coolest looking and also most powerful KI Blasts, friend should examine out this list. I have actually gathered all the ideal KI Blasts in Xenoverse in my opinion and I have arranged lock in order native worst to best.

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1 x10 Kamehameha

If you incorporate this v an Orin combo friend can easily take out early on game opponents and also in mid video game or late video game use this in ~ the finish of a supervisor dragon fist and it deals tons of damage

Does a lot of of damages at any type of charged state and it look at cool when, just downside is the it cost 200 ki, other than the it"s really great and I extremely recommend it.

X10 Kamehameha can deal some an excellent damage yet mainly when it"s completely charged it really deals damage.It bring away a long time to completely charge and also misses fairly often.It renders up for it by looking an excellent and dealing some an excellent damage if fight and fully charged.I recommend making use of Frieza Race and also stunning your enemy by pushing O because that PlayStation or B because that Xbox.

I just completed all the parallel quests and also the brand-new PQ"s in all DLC packs and also I have to say the this move relly helped me to get here.

2 Big Bang Kamehameha

Big Bang Kamehameha will deal lodes of damages to her opponent yet only if that hits.This skill has a many downfalls but is tho a cool looking solid move come use.I introduce it because that Parallel quests and story mainly since it takes fairly a bit of time to charge and also may even miss anyway.This attack misses a lot but when that hits, it will certainly destroy!

If you usage it if super saiyan the teleporting provides up because that the accuracy

Also absorbs super ki blasts or just small blasts while charging

Almost far better than bluff kamehameha or dancin parapara right? RIGHT?

3 Galick Beam Cannon

Galick Beam Cannon deserve to be fully charged fast as with Galick Gun however Galick Beam Cannon does more damage and also in mine opinion looks cooler 보다 Galick Gun.The fence to this is the it doesn"t hit all the time however is still more accurate 보다 x10 Kamehameha.It is rare you will miss this attack and also when girlfriend hit completely charged it will deal part nice damage especially v MAXED out KI Blast Supers.

4 DIE dice Missile Barrage

DIE dice Missle Barrage in my opinion is a great skill for knocking your opponent back and dealing some great damage at the same time.This is designed greatly for close range and deserve to be offered as a desperate means to push an opponent away indigenous you.The closer your adversary the much more you hit and the more damage you do.

6 Perfect Kamehameha

I provided this ultimate in the xenoverse 1. So much so the it lugged over into my xenoverse 2 through the hero. Just 300 ki, and also a great damaged though i feel the did an ext in the first game. One of two people way, that is quick to use and also does a same amount that damage. Just make certain the adversary is not out of variety our gift it by one more support character.

It makes up for the long charge time with stamin in my opinion if you rest someone’s stamina then enter a at sight dragon fist then easily into the perfect Kamehameha you lay down some massive damage!

Amazing variety and power balence

7 Burst Kamehameha

This is a an effective move that is actually accurate and doesn"t take it too long to totally charge either.There isn"t yes, really much more to say about this other than that it"s an remarkable skill to use for mid range and if you can, close range works too.

Super fast and super strong

Actually all various other moves well mostly suck other than this one due to the fact that it can assault twice by using 2 ki pars so the doesn"t count as a supervisor or ultimate move however still better than both

8 Perfect Shot

The damages is great the selection is perfect but not because that close combat due to windup

Is a fake stun that allows for a fast rush attack

Slow come start however hurts prefer he"ll

It is a fast and also "Perfect" blast!

9 Galick Gun

Galick total is most likely one of the best early move you have the right to have, it does no hit every the time yet it will certainly kill most at an early stage enemies.

10 Vanishing Ball

Takes a sec come charge, but once friend fire it, the moves towards the target really quickly and also is difficult to dodge. You can likewise catch an foe with the sheet of the attack, together the round is ~ above the larger side in regards to super attacks. In mine experiences, the is stronger than large Bang Attack and easier come land than big Bang Attack and also Perfect Shot, both of i m sorry are comparable moves.

Vanishing round is a fast assault that transaction a most damage and is a great skill come spam.Just go Super Vegeta/Super Vegeta 2 and also you will certainly deal lodes of damages with this and also you deserve to keep spamming it.The accuracy on that is an excellent too and also doesn"t need to charge.

It bring away a little bit to charge but its quick and also does an excellent damage. What an ext can you ask for

11 Spirit Bomb

I recommend spirit Bomb only once you have actually a team that can help distract enemies and let you fee it.The charge time on heart Bomb isn"t insane however it definitely isn"t a move to shot and use as soon as an opponent in almost up in your face.Once it has finished charging you have the right to stand still and wait around for your foe to stop so that you are guaranteed come hit with this.On affect this transaction a lot of damage and also then that explodes into a enlarge sized ball that deals damage over time while the adversary is remaining in call with it.Eventually the sphere will disappear however by climate you should"ve dealt quite a most damage.

It has actually delt an important damage my foe (ssgss Vegeta) instantly.

12 Big Bang Attack

Just let your adversaries run right into this delicious ki blast

Do the close up and also it is a beast.

Fast, dwellings in, high damage

Although the takes a couple of seconds to charge v you gift voulrnable it does a decent damages to to speak it is a super move I would certainly compare it to vanishing round I would select vanishing ball however I have actually both and also using them together I havnt shed a solitary parallel quest or 1v1 2v2 3v3

13 Double Sunday

Double Sunday is a good technique due to the fact that it does decent damage and also takes less time come charge 보다 kamehameha and Galik gun, additionally it sends out your target paris to give you some breathing room. I am not saying it"s the best but it"s far better than 27th ns would put it at prefer 10 at least.

Double Sunday is a good super. Mostly since after a combo that is a relocate you have the right to do to obtain that critical hit in advertisement they are flying earlier from your hits. That adds damage to her combo.

Double Sunday is a really solid, fast hitting beam super and is an extremely easy come obtain. I would recomend in most beforehand Ki builds.

14 Dick Donato
Richard luigi Donato, well-known as "Evel Dick" Donato, a bar manager from Los Angeles, California, is the winner the the reality video game show large Brother 8. He and also his daughter, Daniele Donato, room the only family members member pair to success the American huge Brother program"s top two prizes in the exact same competition.

Obviosly exceptionally strong

16 Earth splitting Galick Gun

It deals a ton of damage

This virtually took out my cac instantly.

Instant Galick Gun, basically Burst Kamehameha yet COOLER...wait...wrong pun.

17 Final Flash

Its Vegta"s relocate it made cell crap his pants. That wouldn"t desire it

It is much more OP than divine lasso.

18 Tyrant Lancer

I love this move since it"s an excellent when your adversary is going in the direction of you and you just press and BOOM the end of the area! great if you have maximum charge due to the fact that you can acquire like 3 or 4 ki bars!

It is awesome as soon as I struggle demigra it does like a quarter of a bar

Bardocks every I should say

19 Light Grenade

Great because that finishing turn off the lower an initial parallel quests and also would recommend for anyone play a brand brand-new character after their an initial one!

21 Split Finger Shot

Good for when an adversary is walk closer or distracted, all 5 hit and also it go a most damag

Its vegito"s move, sufficient said

23 Milky Cannon

Milky Cannon has actually a border to range but unlike die DIE Missle Barrage you can charge the attack for much more range and damage.I discover that it is a an excellent attack because that mid selection mainly.Milky Cannon will certainly explode on influence with an enemy however if the doesn"t make call it will hover in the air for a quick time then explode.The fee time for Milky Cannon isn"t high either making this a great move to usage in a 1v1, especially with how it transaction some great knockback too.

24 Recoome Eraser Gun

People will certainly argue with this however I wont argue back.I understand for sure that this is a an excellent skill come use, i don"t also need to explain it since it"s that great of a move.All I deserve to say is that is probably at least in the top 3 most damaging KI Blast Supers and also is precise too.People use this with lower than 50 attribute points on KI Blast Super and can tho deal an excellent damage with it.

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Combined through gravity impact makes this move has actually very great accuracy and virtually always hits for exceptional damage

25 Burning Attack

I favor this one because, if it can be difficult to hit, it looks yes, really cool, does decent damage, and sends them flying up into the air setting up for a an excellent juggle.