We present you how to gain your paris licence in Dragon sphere Xenoverse 2 so you can discover Conton City much more easily.

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although Dragonball Xenoverse 2 has missions that take location on a small battlefield, there's tho a emotion of an open-world setting that you have actually while experimenting Conton City, i m sorry is the main hub world in Xenoverse 2. Over there are lots of things to do in Conton City, including train with fan-favorite characters and start brand-new missions.

With every one of the expedition you can do transparent Conton City, you'll quickly get bored of walking around. Luckily, friend can attain a paris license, i m sorry is an object that permits you to freely fly about Conton City in ~ high speeds and also explore locations that are otherwise unreachable. Here's how to achieve your paris license and also everything you must know around it.

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What can You carry out With A Flying license In Dragonball Xenoverse 2?

although the idea that flying easily throughout the map is currently enticing, you may be wonder if there room any new features that you can access once you've obtained your paris license. There room a couple of things that are only obtainable if you have actually a paris license, together as new characters and also high-up areas.

​​​​​​However, many of the brand-new content the becomes accessible with a flying license room raids and expert missions. Raids space special pursuits that have distinctive battles, and also they're lot more daunting to finish than constant Parallel Quests. Professional missions are various from raids, yet they have actually a similar concept due to the fact that they're daunting and have a unique fight that a character favor Goku would certainly enjoy. You'll frequently need various other players to assist you defeat a raid or skilled mission, particularly if you've just attempted it a couple of times.

Luckily, the necessity for obtaining a flying patent is easy. All you have to do come be given a flying license is complete the Frieza Saga in the key questline.

return this requires a bit of dedication, it's worth it due to the fact that by the moment you've perfect this saga, you'll have learned the core mechanics that Xenoverse 2 and be all set to start an overwhelming raids. Upon perfect of the Frieza Saga, the cool Kai that Time will grant you a flying license.

Since raids are the main mechanic that you gain access to after obtaining your flying license, it's vital to know exactly how to start them. To start a raid or expert mission, you have to fly to among the glow orbs in the sky above Conton City. These orbs are where you have the right to select and also start the individual raid mission.

every raid is a time-limited event, therefore make certain to end up it before it disappears if you desire the completion. Every raid contains a different enemy, such as Frieza. Raids are comparable to DLC due to the fact that the developers added them after the release of Xenoverse 2.

brand-new raids are added to Dragonball Xenoverse 2 occasionally, therefore there's constantly something more daunting to complete. Expert goals are another type of distinct quest the are comparable to raids, except they're constantly at a set location and aren't a time-limited event. Both raids and expert missions have a six player maximum, and also if friend don't have actually player teammates, climate you'll be offered NPC teammates.

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