We show you how to gain your flying licence in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 so you deserve to explore Conton City even more quickly.

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Although Dragonround Xenoverse 2 has goals that take location on a small battlefield, there's still a feeling of an open-civilization atmosphere that you have actually while experimenting Conton City, which is the primary hub civilization in Xenoverse 2. Tbelow are many points to do in Conton City, consisting of train via fan-favorite personalities and also start brand-new missions.

With every one of the expedition you can do throughout Conton City, you'll quickly gain bored of walking roughly. Luckily, you have the right to attain a flying license, which is an item that permits you to freely fly roughly Conton City at high speeds and also discover locations that are otherwise unreachable. Here's just how to achieve your flying license and also whatever you have to understand about it.

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What Can You Do With A Flying License In Dragonround Xenoverse 2?

Although the principle of flying conveniently throughout the map is already enticing, you might be wondering if there are any kind of new attributes that you deserve to access as soon as you've obtained your flying license. There are a few points that are just available if you have a flying license, such as brand-new personalities and also high-up locations.

​​​​​​However, most of the new content that becomes accessible with a flying license are raids and skilled missions. Raids are unique quests that have distinct battles, and they're a lot even more difficult to finish than constant Parallel Quests. Expert goals are different from raids, but they have a similar concept because they're complex and have actually a distinctive battle that a character prefer Goku would certainly enjoy. You'll regularly require various other players to aid you defeat a raid or experienced mission, specifically if you've only attempted it a few times.

Luckily, the necessity for obtaining a flying license is straightforward. All you need to execute to be provided a flying license is finish the Frieza Saga in the main questline.

Although this calls for a bit of dedication, it's worth it bereason by the moment you've completed this saga, you'll have learned the core mechanics of Xenoverse 2 and also be all set to begin complex raids. Upon completion of the Frieza Saga, the Grand Kai Of Time will certainly grant you a flying license.

Because raids are the major mechanic that you obtain access to after obtaining your flying license, it's essential to recognize exactly how to start them. To begin a rhelp or professional mission, you should fly to one of the glowing orbs in the skies over Conton City. These orbs are wbelow you can choose and also begin the individual raid mission.

Each rassist is a time-restricted occasion, so make certain to end up it prior to it disappears if you desire the completion. Eexceptionally rassist consists of a different enemy, such as Frieza. Raids are comparable to DLC because the developers added them after the release of Xenoverse 2.

New raids are added to Dragonround Xenoverse 2 occasionally, so there's always somepoint more difficult to finish. Expert missions are an additional form of distinctive pursuit that are equivalent to raids, other than they're constantly at a set location and also aren't a time-limited occasion. Both raids and expert missions have a 6 player maximum, and if you don't have player teammates, then you'll be provided NCOMPUTER teammates.

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