Shenron’s Wishes – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

If you managed to collect all seven Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you will then be able to have a wish granted by Shenron. There are 11 wishes to choose from if you’re using basic Dragon Balls, but none of them give you details as to what you can obtain. To help you out, we’ve listed what each wish provides to the player so you can choose wisely.

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I want money! – Grants 500,000 Zeni

I want a rare item! – Grants the player the Goodie Radish accessory which can’t be obtained anywhere else.

I want to dress up! – Unlocks the Crystal Battle Suit for use on your customized character.

I want to get stronger! – Provides 6 Echo Soul Devices which can be mixed with Super Souls to create even more powerful souls.

I want to grow! – Levels the player up once. Best used when you’re a higher level and the amount of experience needed is large, that way the wish doesn’t feel like a waste.

I want a new Ultimate Attack! – Time Skip/Molotov is granted after your first wish, giving you access to Hit’s ultimate attack. The second unlockable ultimate is Ice Cannon.

I want a new Super Attack! – Grants two different attacks (one per wish). Flash Fist Crush is first, then you’ll get Ice Claw for your second wish.

I want more usable characters! – Unlocks more characters for use in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. The first character unlocked is Hit from Dragon Ball Super. The second wish will grant Either Nuova or Eis Shenron. The third wish will grant whichever Shenron you didn’t get last time. The fourth, and final, use of this wish will grant you Omega Shenron.

I want a second chance at life! – Grants the player the ability to redistribute their attribute points.

I want to be drop-dead gorgeous! – Allows the player to change the appearance of their Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 character.

I want medals! – Grants a large sum of TP Medals.

There are more wishes that can be made at the Dragon Ball Pedestal after powering up the Dragon Balls. You can do this by completing Guru’s quests and gaining permanent access to his home. While he can’t move from his chair to upgrade the balls himself, he tells you how, expanding the wish list.


I want to dress up more! – Unlocks the full Turtle Hermit set which allows players to dress up as Master Roshi.

I want another new Ultimate Attack! – Unlocks the Minus Energy Ball ultimate attack.

I want another new Super Attack! – Grants the Dragon Flash Bullet ability.

I want to grow more! – Allows you to level up even more.

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I want a full stomach ! –

Make sure to check back in for updates as we ask Shenron for even more wishes. Also, if you need help with anything else Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 related, make sure to check out our wiki.

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