After the occasions of the critical scene, our target is quite vague currently that we are currently in a fully new area v no various other leads. On the to add side, we have a new area to explore! It"s no huge, but we have a organize of totally new enemies and such.

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The Hotto Steppe


Garuda (East)
She-Slime (East)
Bongo-Drongo (Center/West/South)
Lump wizard (West/South)
Drohl Drone (Center, Night)
Walking Corpse (West/South, Night)
Robber rabbit (South)

Item surname (Page 1)PriceItem name (Page 2)PriceItem name (Page 3)Price
Scale Shield180GMedicinal Herb8G
Bronze Shield370GAntidotal Herb10G
Pointy Hat70GHoly Water20G
Feathered Cap280GChimaera Wing25G
Leather Dress380GFlaxen Thread40G
Chain Mail500GFlurry Feather50G
Hardy Hide100G

You"ll begin off top top the far eastern side the the area through a hike priest who can save your game for you/perform various other church duties, and a roving emporium merchant who has the very same stock as the one you uncovered at the ahead campsite. Because it is the same, ns am not going to perform his wares - girlfriend can inspect the previous ar if you need to. Make your method toward Hotto, which friend will view on your map toward the center of the area, while experimenting the Hotto Steppe.

You"ll see your first flying enemy on the field, the Garuda. As soon as you are near them, they will certainly swoop down to engage, but you deserve to still acquire a Preemptive strike on them.There are several hot springs and also geysers. They carry out not do anything. Girlfriend will likewise see several plateaus over the water, one include a chest, that we cannot get to yet.You can undertaking into Mount Huji and also the Cryptic Crypt, but we"ll be going to the Crypt shortly. If you undertaking into mount Huji, you"ll see a bear enemy called Ursa Minor that you deserve to fight (it"s no as difficult as it looks), and also pick increase a pair of sparkly spots. The exit you see on the map room blocked, so you have no selection but come go back to the Hotto Steppe.Clear up any kind of Sparkly clues you have the right to find, and also specifically, you want to uncover some Iron Ore. We"ll require it shortly.You"ll find a new campsite early west. The Roving Emporium merchant has some great new stuff in stock, for this reason feel cost-free to upgrade her gear. The Chain Mail is a an excellent investment for Erik. You"ll discover some much better Armour for the Hero shortly.The Gallopolis Region is right now barred passage if you venture down to the southwest corner. Over there is a chest ~ above the east wall of the area include Mini Medal #7. You can additionally get this later if girlfriend don"t want to explore the southern component of the an ar right now.The Robber rabbit you have the right to encounter in the southwest area room fast and can struggle hard, therefore you might want to stop them if your levels aren"t over 10 and you space not making use of decent gear. They are very much beatable, however they deserve to overwhelm girlfriend in groups; just be careful.There is a locked door to the northwest with a chest behind it that us cannot access yet. We"ll be back later....

The Robber Rabbits rare Item is the Robber Gloves, i m sorry is wonderful for enhancing your possibilities of stealing from an opponent using Erik"s Half-Inch. Due to the fact that Rare fall are... Well, rare, you most likely won"t gain them, and while i wouldn"t introduce going the end of your means right currently to shot and obtain them to drop, think about yourself lucky. Erik have the right to use this Accessory.

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Speaking of, currently would be a good time to start conserving up for Half-Inch and also Flame Slash top top both personalities if friend haven"t already nabbed them indigenous the character Builder. Having actually these will open up the Itemised Kill Pep Power, which significantly increases your odds of getting a rarely Item indigenous an enemy. It can be worth your time to shot and obtain a pair of Robber Gloves. It"s not important by any type of means, though, and also we will discover one pair shortly. Ns am going come expound top top this more in the following page of the guide, yet if you control to obtain an extra pair indigenous the Robber Rabbits, having two bag of Robber Gloves will help Erik"s thieving abilities greatly.