The battery life for a device may vary day to day depending upon usage. Navigating, playing games, searching the Web, do calls, and also sending text messages all drain the battery of the device.

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Try some of the complying with tips come maximize the battery life:

Charge the an equipment properly

Charge every night therefore you start the day totally charged and also ready to go.Restart the phone come close open up applications top top a regular basis, at least once a week.

Adjust connection settings

Turn off Wi-Fi. Bluetooth,and GPSwhen you space not utilizing them.Close apps that use general practitioners when you no longer need them. Swipe under from the an alert Bar to see if girlfriend have active navigation applications that sell an choice to battered or exit.Change ar Settings to useBattery conserving mode.Touch > Settings.Touch location >Battery saving.

Be mindful of network availability

If you room in an area v low or no signal, the call uses much more power attempting attach to the weak signal. If possible, move the call into airplane Mode to avoid excess battery drain.Use Wi-Fiwhenpossible.Data end Wi-Fi uses less battery life than data over cellular networks.

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Adjust display settings

When setting the phone under after use, easily press the Power an essential to turn the display off.Lower the screen brightness as soon as possible:Swipe under from the height of the screen and touch the quick settings symbol .Touch Brightness.Dthe slider to the left come manually reduce the display"s brightness.Change the display timeout to less than 1 minute.Touch
>Settings.Touch Display.Touch Sleep.

Manage applications

Close applications you room no much longer using. Pick Recent (the square icon) in the lower right, thentouch the X in the upper ideal hand corner.Be conscious of just how much battery is spend by running particular applications. Apps that usage a many wireless data, such together streaming video or music, navigation, and maps, will drainpipe the battery more quickly due to the fact that of the data being transferred.Find out what applications or function uses the many battery life:Swipe under from the peak of the screen, touch the quick Settings icon, touchthe Battery icon.Apps that update frequently, like social media or email, likewise consume battery power more frequently.Some live wallpapers and also widgets may also consume battery life. Limit use of these apps when battery life is a concern.Droid