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Surrey Locksmith opens up a Kwikset Smart vital Lock in 10 seconds | Mr. Locksmith Video

To purchase the smart / Dumb crucial Force Tool http://mrlocksmithtraining.com/mr-prolock-kw1-smart-key-lock-force-tool-dumb-key-force-tool. 

The Weiser Smart an essential and Kwikset Smart key locks can be opened almost as quick as you deserve to put your key into the lock.

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How to open up a Locked the end of restroom or Bedroom video by Mr. Locksmith part 1

Several manufacturers market tools to open the Smart an essential locks in seconds. The major problem is with tiny or no maintain you can open the Smart key lock with no visible damages to the lock. Several years earlier YouTube had videos top top “How To” pick open a brand of bike lock v a bic pen. The manufacturer had stated the lock was “pick proof” and was compelled by negative PR and lots of virtual videos come recall every the faulty bike locks. Their brand-new and improved locks could no much longer be picked easily by amateurs. Many locks deserve to be defeated and also picked if you have actually been trained and practice daily for months or years, however, this video demonstrates how easy the Smart key lock can be defeated by anyone.


Surrey Locksmith opens up a Kwikset Smart crucial Lock in 10 seconds 001

I am just demonstrating what expert locksmiths have known because that years and the information has been obtainable on the net for years. The general public must understand these locks are not secure for protecting her valuables. If you space a victim of a burglar, theft or Break and Enter and their is no visible authorize of entry her insurance company may not pay for any kind of claims. The “Emperor has no Clothes”

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Electronic Safe opened in 10 seconds with black Box | Mr. Locksmith Video

Anybody through no skill or training can open this lock. The brand-new condo building, $500,000+ per one bedroom condo, has Smart an essential Deadbolts top top the prior door that every condo. Watch my other demo video on YouTube “How to open up the Kwikset / Weiser Smart an essential Lock in Under 10 seconds”.


Surrey Locksmith opens a Kwikset Smart vital Lock in 10 seconds 002

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Open Sentry Safes in seconds | Mr. Locksmith Blog

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