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Here are general tips for playing Anjali inDungeon Siege III

and the prizes of the sun DLC
. A perform of every our Dungeon Siege III posts can it is in foundhere.Anjali - Skill selection and UseStancesHuman FormHer area spear attack here has actually a 4-attack sequence, ending in a force push.

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Fire FormIn this form, her dodge is a teleport i beg your pardon ignores adversaries in the way. Adversaries normally block your dodge movement path.Her fire strike has a minimal range -- The bolts simply vanish after the range.The fire bolt attack has a 3-attack sequence ending in a double-bolt. The AI-controlled Anjali cheats together it deserve to repeatedly usage that double-bolt without having actually to repeat the entire 1-1-2 sequence.DefensiveAbilitiesIf you room frustrated at no being may be to with Mastery in part or every Abilities because of the tediously slow rate of achieving Mastery, you might want to take into consideration using the console code.

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Human FormSpinning absent - Anjali leaps forward through a twirling kick, damaging all opponents in former of her.When the AI supplies Anjali, the will often spend all its emphasis doing this repeatedly if it doesn"t death an enemy. It will certainly will this even against a single target.Spinning absent > Crushing affect - Anjali"s Spinning kick gains a 10% possibility per location to stun enemies for 2 seconds.It"s probably far better to invest in gear with Stagger instead, due to the fact that even in ~ 5/5 ranks, her investment only works half the time. And like all shock effects, that does not work-related on significant bosses.Spinning absent > Fire dance - spinning Kick has actually a 20% opportunity per rank to inflict a Burning damages over time result on enemies.Hurl Spear - Anjali hurls she spear with the air, damaging all targets in a directly line in prior of her.Hurl Spear > Blinding strike - opponents hit by Anjali"s Hurl Spear attack have a 5% chance, every rank, to endure a 3 second stun.If you are usually going to use Hurl Spear versus a bunch the minions, climate this isn"t poor to have actually IF friend can"t kill them outright. If you are close to death them, climate Incendiary Javelin could be much better to burn off the last of your HP and kill them.