The Dynamic Viewer is a virtual reality headset which permits users to view points in 3D and also virtual fact by method of their smartphones. By connecting come smartphones, users have the right to load certain experiences and also their matching apps onto their phone and begin enduring stem in 3D. It is intended because that children, permitting them a an ext dynamic and also engaging means of learning around the human being in which us live and also the solar mechanism which surrounds it. In spite of the expense, it provides stem a more accessible area of academics for kids and also for young adults who usage the Dynamic Viewer.

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Is Dynamic Viewer a scam or a great buy?

Total cost Breakdown

The price of Dynamic Viewer is $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping, because that a full price of $36.98.

This price was acquired from the As viewed on TV commercial page which was taken offline because of Dynamic Viewer being discontinued. Dynamic Viewer may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.

This price was derived from the As seen on TV commercial web page which to be taken offline because of Dynamic Viewer gift discontinued. Dynamic Viewer may still be found for sale on Amazon or Ebay.


Durable and Safe

The unit itself is lightweight because it is do from resilient plastic components perfect for use by kids. It operates wirelessly so over there is no possibility of being captured in wires.

Comfortable Design

There are noise isolating ear buds. The eye rest has a cushion around it so the it fits unique without pressure. Both lenses room HD twin Focus.


that will occupational with practically all smartphones. Over there is a list of the compatible phones, consisting of older iphone phone 5 models and also Android models.

for sure Design

there is a lock-in secure attribute to host smartphones in place. The is a huge drop under panel the sorts right into which the smartphone is placed and also the cost-free virtual fact apps room selected. When this is sorted, the drop down panel is locked back into place.

Fit because that Games and also Movies

The device makes it straightforward to place 3D video games. Video games played at home, prefer Wii bowling, deserve to now be play in a 3D version just like the genuine thing. Movie can also be watched top top the device, not simply games. This means that traditional 3D films can be viewed effortlessly at house just by placing on the headset.

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interaction Stem

This product individuals smartphones to display the virtual fact experiences, which space interactive and run the gambit indigenous destinations to room to wildlife. The idea is the this machine should be funny for children and encourage much better appreciation for science and also technology. It is interactive and lets users discover a range of things. Because that the room pack, they have the right to travel with the solar system, manipulate the planet, check out facts as they go along, play gamings that demonstrate how gravities change on various celestial body too.

currently in stores Too

This Dynamic Viewer is only thirty dollars in stores and also online. When ordered online, the agency provides a guarantee for customers. Without complete satisfaction and also the ideal virtual experience, lock can get money back. It comes with the Dynamic Viewer, in addition to ear bugs, 2 viewer optimizers, and also a free virtual truth app.


many Apps

The experience packs come with their own app, fairly than having access to a single app which web links to all experiences. This way that if a user wants to change their pack, such as changing from the space pack to the destinations pack, they need to do the following. They have to leave out that the program, open up the front, adjust to the destinations app, and also then close it back up.

better for older Kids

The firm claims this product is perfect for anyone over the age of 7. However the latch i beg your pardon keeps the smartphone warehouse area secure have the right to take some maneuvering so no all 7 year old youngsters are up to the task.

experience Packs

prefer all things, over there is a catch. Here, the catch with this product revolves approximately the endure packs. The starter kit comes with 1. Clearly this is insufficient. There are loads of suffer kits but each brand-new pack is fifteen dollars. This way each view load is fifty percent the expense of the viewer, for this reason users room actually quite limited in what they gain to endure in digital reality.