The Dyson DC34 might be a handheld vacuum, however with root cyclone modern technology and a 22.2 volt lithium-ion battery, it has all the strength you'd suppose out of an upright vacuum. The battery life is short, yet if friend live in a little space whereby storage is limited, the DC34 is precious considering.

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Dyson DC34 overview

The Dyson DC34 handheld vacuum is just one of the most powerful models ~ above the market. It's powered by the Dyson digital engine that has actually the greatest suction strength (according to Dyson), the end of any type of handheld vacuum around. And the 22.2 volt lithium-ion battery publication a charge evenly throughout use. The power doesn't fade in ~ all. Other attributes include:

Dual power modeRoot cyclone technologyHygienic emptying bin

Like plenty of other handheld vacuums, the battery life isn't long. But provided you don't have a ton that flooring to clean, it have to be much more than enough. Plus, since it's a handheld, it have the right to be offered to clean your car's interior as well.

Get Dyson DC34 if...

You don't have a ton the storage. You may not have a big closet to store a full-sized vacuum. Through dimensions that 4.4 in. X 12.7 in. X 8.1 in., you can tuck the DC34 away v ease.You have a little house. If friend live in one apartment of small house, then the DC34 have to be more than enough. You get 15 minute of usage out that the regular setting. Top top MAX power, you get around 6 minutes.You want a vacuum because that everywhere. Not only is the DC34 an excellent for your house, yet you can additionally use it to save your car and office clean, too. With an ergonomic handle, you deserve to effortlessly carry it approximately to pick up every last little bit of dust you deserve to find.

Skip Dyson DC34 if...


Lifetime washable filter22.2V lithium-ion battery2 attachments: crevice device and combination brush28 air watt of powerDyson digital motor


No floor toolShort runtime

Vacuum specifications

Reasons come Buy Dyson DC34

You live in one apartment. when you don't have a ton that space, you may not need a full-sized vacuum. A handheld might be more of your speed. It doesn't take up as lot room in the closet. And also weighing much less than 3 pounds way you have the right to easily lug it native one room come the next.You have pets. having a dog or cat that sheds deserve to really wipe out your flooring. The Dyson digital engine spins as much as 5 times much faster than that of a racing vehicle engine. For this reason this vacuum grabs whatever with ease.You have stairs. The DC34 doesn't count on a cord. And also with an ergonomic handle, girlfriend can carry it there is no it placing too lot of a stress, overload on your hand and wrist. All of this makes cleaning stairway a many easier.

Reasons to protect against Dyson DC34

You live somewhere larger. The DC34 runs for 15 minute on continual mode ~ 3.5 hrs of charging. As soon as you have plenty of rooms come clean, you might not get sufficient power come do everything all at once.You can't bending over. as a handheld vacuum, you have actually to get on the floor come clean v the DC34. If you have actually trouble acquiring to her knees, climate an upright Dyson version is an ext suitable to her needs.

What actual Dyson DC34 evaluate say

We spent 18 hours scouring the internet (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Dyson DC34 receives high praise! Our median consolidated user rating sits about a 4.6 - 4.74 (across number of hundred reviews). Dyson DC34 score higher, on average, contrasted to your closest competitors.

What reviewers like

"I love it....bought an ext for the office.""After 3 years, the battery is tho strong. The is straightforward to empty, really solid design.""Modern design, quiet motor, easy to clean the bin.""It is supervisor handy and also works very efficiently. Straightforward to assemble, basic to clean, light weighted, and can be used anywhere. Simply love it!""One thing about all Dyson assets is the simplicity making use of them and also attaching every little thing together. It literally just snaps together."

What reviewers dislike

"The turbo boost is great for a little more than 5 minutes, yet this is no designed for big jobs.""While castle similar, the tube on the 34 is lot smaller 보다 the 35. All attachments will certainly fit, however the 35 has electric contacts top top the pipe making it bigger on the external circumference.""It have to be recharged when on the vacuum and also takes 3+ hrs to execute so.""The only problem that we have is the the battery does not last as long as us would've like especially if you have it top top Max suction.""I would say the charge is the just downside, it doesn't last lengthy enough!"

Where to buy Dyson DC34

You can discover the Dyson DC34 handheld vacuum for sale ~ above Amazon. V a light, intuitive design, it's the right vacuum because that cleaning up tight, narrow locations of her home and also car. The vacuum sells the end quickly, yet Amazon allows you set alerts. So you get an email as quickly as it's back in stock.

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The bottom heat on Dyson DC34 vacuum

Dyson DC34 is one ideal selection if you desire a lightweight yet powerful vacuum at an affordable price.

We have actually scoured the internet trying to find the best prices, and also nobody beats Amazon, click below to gain your finest deal!