based upon a recently published Sony patent, it appears the gaming large is actively working to bring PS5 gamings to the PS now selection.

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Slowly but surely, Elex 2 is comes together. There are still a many unknowns, however the basic plot and idea have actually been revealed v gameplay, interviews, and also the like. Elex 2 will check out Jax return from an exile, having at some point fathered a son, and bring with each other the factions that Magalan once an ext to perform battle versus the invading “aliens.”

together with any game though, simply acquiring a selection of factions to come together and defeat this new threat won’t be so simple. Elex 2’s factions will certainly likely address the fallout of Jax’s options in the an initial game, and also operate under new leadership. Elex 2 has shown some familiar encounters will return, particularly as Jax deals with the Berserkers, Clerics, Outlaws, and potentially even the Albs (?). Yet, in his exile, new factions have formed, setting the phase for the brand-new conflict.

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Elex 2 new Factions and significant Conflict

elex 2 story trailer
in ~ the finish of Elex, The Hybrid defines a bigger hazard coming come Magalan, that being a really Sci-Fi fantasy twisted on "aliens," and one the has impacted the past, present, and also future of the planet's problems at the time. Essentially, the video game subtly clues at extraterrestrial influences and also ends top top a confirmation of their existence and also threat. This collection up because that a larger conflict, one that could affect all life ~ above Magalan. Bigger stakes than in the very first game need a story that meets those challenges.

nowhere is this much more apparent than the two trailers exit so far. The first shows Jax top a massive military into battle, set appropriately to an effective heavy steel background score. The second Elex 2 trailer though reflects Jax struggling to convince existing factions, choose the Berserkers, to assist him. His connection with the initial factions will clearly be important, and these factions will have actually their very own desires and also goals before, walking into, and after this conflict. Yet, fans deserve to probably venture a near guess because that these based on these factions’ currently established motifs.

Thankfully, introducing new factions will ensure Elex 2 doesn’t tread the exact same ground as the original game. Piranha Bytes has actually yet to develop what castle are, but they could variety from anything come worshippers the this alien collective to those making use of Elex in a brand-new way. The possibilities room endless, and also that in turn method the conflict is bigger than life. Take the conflict, toss in brand-new and old factions and alliances, and it appears Elex 2’s story will truly be the end of this world.

Elex 2 is in advance for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and also Xbox collection X.

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