PERSONAL suffer COVERAGESkimmer missions: missions: coming soon!I"m going to be in search of the finest ways to make money ~ the 2.2 Guardians update. So far I deserve to conclude that:Sothis/Ceos is now disastrous (about 1.5m because that 100+ tonnes)New Yembo is now damaging (about the same payouts together Sothis yet with extra danger as they are smuggling missions)I"ve only checked this two but it appears that all long haul delivery and smuggling missions have actually been nerfed into oblivion.So begins my find for a new means to do money.So far, the two means I have actually heard of room skimmer missions and passenger missions.Skimmer MissionsThe locations I have actually heard of the are finest for skimmer goals are:Ray Dock Okorafor Dock (Oupost) For Ray Dock take goals toCarlisle MinesClair VisionDummer"s FollySource: Okorafor Dock take objectives toAny Cupinook factionsSource: To acquire the best payouts and most objectives you need to be allied with the factionsN.B. Ns am yet to try out these locations as i am not at this time allied. I am just collating details herePassenger MissionsThere are at this time several different species of passenger missions. Transfer (move NPCs native A to B)Sightseeing (take NPCs to several locations, then earlier to the origin station)Long-distance (take NPCs come a place 1000+LYs away)The payouts are around in that order, smallest to largest, but the quantity of money earned per hour is not necessarily the same. Some objectives to Sagittarius A pay over 80m credits, but it will certainly take you numerous hundred jumps (and hours) to get there. ~ above the to add side, you acquire money from exploration along the method and you acquire to check out a nice ar too.Different passengers likewise have different game mechanics associated with them. I advise against taking criminals (I didn"t realise i was moving illegal passengers and was killed in mine 170m Beluga)Demanding passengers deserve to be a pain together they may request commodities, alters of location etc. Denying these requests (if girlfriend can) will mitigate their happiness and they may eject leaving you without any pay for your work.I have heard indigenous a friend that Cubeo is providing out really high paying Transport and Sightseeing missions as there are a many VIP passenger there. They claimed that they gained 17.5m indigenous a sightseeing mission and the transport missions are paying 1m+. I am yet to check this as I am currently gaining reputation with the factions in the system (like the skimmer missions, allied status gives you an ext and much better missions). I also managed to gain myself a dormant bounty because of the illegal passenger occurrence mentioned above which is complicating matters.I hope you uncover these points helpful.

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