So, you’ve picked up elite Dangerous and are just beginning out on your space adventure. To obtain the most out of upstream Dangerous your going to require Credits, the in video game currency. You will need lots of credits, perhaps millions, credits let friend buy new components for her ship, let friend buy fuel and repairs and you have the right to buy brand brand-new awesome ships together well.

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When I very first started through Elite Dangerous, I uncovered that salvage goals where an easy way to earn part credits and also increase your standing with assorted factions and take in the amazingly beautiful sites of the different star equipment you have the right to visit.

This guide will take it you v the procedures needed to finish a salvage mission. Be affected by each other in mind, this is my an initial ever attempt at writing any kind of sort of video game guide, therefore it may not be the most concise or even the many comprehensible.

Salvage goals are not the biggest paying missions, but I have discovered them come be fairly simple and also they don’t really take a lengthy time for this reason you have the right to get much more done.

Salvage missions have the right to be discovered at quite much any starport/station by selecting the Mission Board, they will usually be called something prefer Trade Data rescue mission, or black color Box salvage Mission or probably some other kind of salvage.

Before you expropriate the salvage mission, constantly select the Galaxy Map, this will automatically take you to the mission destination star system, choose Plot Route, to make sure you can travel the distance to the system.

OK, you’ve welcomed your rescue mission, let’s acquire started.

Salvage Mission Guide

If friend have already plotted your route in the Galaxy Map, your destination star device should be marked on the compass, align her ship with the target, which have to be highlighted with the orange 3/4 circle marker and also hit Triangle come start-up your Frame shift Drive and jump come the star system.

Once you have arrived at the destination system you will be in ~ the system’s star/sun, you will certainly be in supervisor cruise, slow your rate down a bit however don;t get too close tot he sunlight or you will certainly take heat damage.

The first thing you must do is situate the navigation beacon and also scan it. Enter your left panel and also under the Destinations tab you have to see navigation Beacon in the list, if you don’t view it, go to set filters and select Signal Sources.

The navigating Beacon will now be highlighted on the compass (blue dot) and also will have the 3/4 orange one highlighting it when you look out the cockpit window.

You can select the navigation Beacon by one of two people finding it on her radar climate locating the so you deserve to see it exterior your windscreen, the struggle X to pick it or you can locate and select it by going right into your left panel then go to contact tab and the navigation Beacon need to be listed there, just highlight it and hit X to pick it.

Once the nav beacon has been scanned you will get an audible notification saying “incoming mission vital message” and you will check out the Mission Updated an alert in blue in the middle of the HUD, now you can go into your messages by going into your communications panel by pushing square and up top top the d-pad and tabbing follow me to messages, review the message, it will certainly either tell friend the place of the point you space going to rescue or will certainly tell friend the location has been updated into your transactions.


If the post doesn’t tell girlfriend your following target location, get in your left dashboard then into Transactions and select your current mission. Role down and also next to location it will say Target Body with the name of the planet, moon or other ar you need to go come for her salvage.

Now, start-up the mechanism Map which have the right to be found on the left hand side of the navigating tab in your left panel. Once the device Map has actually loaded there should currently be one orange mission marker end the planet or location you should go to. Hover over the planet or location and also hit select on the little tooltip point that mister up, this will mark the target on her compass and highlight it through the 3/4 orange circle marker.

Next, align your ship v the target and hit Triangle to fee your Frame transition Drive and enter super cruise. Depending upon how far away her target body is, you might be over there in a pair of minutes or longer.

When you are nearing the target, make certain your speed is in the blue so friend don’t overshoot it. Once you get close to the target human body you won’t gain the “Safe Disengage Ready” notification as you need to fly about the earth in at sight cruise to uncover the signal resource of her salvage. Sometimes you can uncover the signal resource within secs of arriving, various other times it can take 10 minute or more.

When girlfriend do lastly detect the mission target you will hear an audible notification saying “mission target detected”, as quickly as you right here this, slow your speed method down, ns don’t know how many times I have lost sight of a mission objective because I to be going come fast. The mission objective may show up in front of friend or within your view, it will have actually blue text and also will say “Mission: Unidentified Signal Source” when you watch it fight X to to mark it.

If friend don’t check out it, enter your left panel and also under the navigation tab you should see that in blue text, if you do not see it under navigation, you might need to pick reset filters. You can then choose the mission objective and then select Lock Destination, this will mark it on her compass and also make it easy to find.

Whilst still in supervisor cruise, head in the direction of the objective, no too rapid though, psychic to save your rate within the blue. As soon as you are at a close enough range you will obtain the “safe disengage ready” notification, push triangle to disengage native super cruise and you will be close to your objective.

At this allude you will certainly probably notice a couple of things floating around on your radar. Following you should identify and also target the point you are here to salvage. This can be trade data, a black color box or some other item.

You can check what you are salvaging by going right into your left panel climate transactions and also select the existing mission. To target the objective, whilst in the left panel walk to contacts and you will see the perform of canisters or items the are currently floating about outside of your ship, highlight the one you space to salvage and also hit X and it will highlight it on the radar with edge brackets about it.

Now come the tricky part. Press circle and also up ~ above the d-pad come activate your cargo scoop and also fly slowly and carefully in the direction of your target. When you activate the Cargo Scoop friend will check out cross hairs show up on the reduced left of your HUD, over wherein you would normally see the holographic picture of her target.

You must fly slowly and also carefully in the direction of the target and also keep the blue dot, which to represent the cargo you are salvaging, bang in the center of the crosshairs. As soon as you are about 100 metres away, you most likely want to reduce your rate down to about 10 or so metres every second, occasionally though the target deserve to be moving also so girlfriend may have to readjust your rate if you uncover the target is moving further away, it’s a little bit of trial and error really, some are simple to scoop up and also some can be a right pain.

You will hear the audible beep get faster as you relocate closer to her target, I usually keep my eye on the crosshairs to make certain the blue dot is tho in the center.

When girlfriend are obtaining really close friend will check out the holographic photo of the canister obtain bigger within the crosshairs view. As lengthy as you’re not going too fast you should have the ability to scoop it up fine.

If for part reason, friend crash right into the canister and also it the audible post tells you the the target has been destroyed, fear not, the mission objective will certainly respawn but you will need to locate the again and also then re attempt to scoop increase the cargo. If i accidentally ruin the target, I uncover that flying to an additional planet in the system and then flying back to her target destination will usually make the Mission Objective spawn a little bit faster.

Once you have scooped up the cargo, girlfriend will view Cargo Acquired notification appear. You will then hear an audible message telling friend the mission objective is complete and also you will obtain a mission update message under the message tab in the communications panel.

Congratulations, you have completed your salvage mission, almost. Friend now have to travel earlier to the station/starport where you choose up the mission, occasionally though the mission giver have the right to tell girlfriend to walk to an additional location through your cargo but you will usually obtain a bonus for this.

Note: Be careful when travelling back, if you fly too close to a Sun/star that can reason heat damages which can reason your cargo hatch to malfunction, I’ve lost numerous a valuable cargo favor this.

Once your back at the starport or whatever destination you have to return to, walk to the Mission board to insurance claim your reward.

I hope you uncovered this overview at the very least a little bit useful, or you found it at least understandable if nothing else. I play upstream Dangerous many days and I will certainly no doubt it is in posting much more guides, tips, etc for this amazing game.

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