I tried a search however a lot of LPs seem to be 11 months or older. What are your favorite Countless Legends LPs and what are some great one's to watch for us newbs? Decided to buy the game after watching Trump's recent LP but he is a brand-new player himself and also would love someone to watch to pick up just how to play the game from someone who knows or even simply someone fun to watch. Thanks for any type of suggestions!


I prefer watching PANCZASU: https://www.youtube.com/user/truePANCZASU

He has actually a playthrough for each race, plays on incredibly high difficulty and also describes it nicely. But the older videos are a little out of day as they are played on older versions.

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Without a doubt. He constantly plays in Unlimited challenge, which does suppose that a couple of LPs finish in defeat. After all, when a player gets up to Endless difficulty, the majority of it becomes luck-based (assuming the player plays competently).

I remained in the very same place as you a couple of days back and also discovered this LP pretty indevelopmental https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhvLCF4zE2MTyhZR1bJyWk_SnKUVZ-8fj

I Watched it after completing the tutorial and also randomly clicking approximately for 20 transforms in a single player game.

And after playing a Vaulters game myself I don't think it's age (also in that 11 months range) is that significant of a deal.

Tectoss is indeed among the two youtubers who are actually competent at Countless Legend (the other being PANCZASU). I favor watching his LPs.

I'm watching Arumba's Wild Walker play via currently. Probably going to move onto the TecToss one next.

Tectoss is a far, much better Unlimited Legfinish player than Arumba. Better to watch him rather of Arumba making the most frustrating mistakes.

Oh my goodness, I tried watching trump play earlier, and as someone through a pair hundred hours put right into the game it was cringe inducing. I really can't watch a newbie let's play a 4X game... I hope you have actually some luck in finding an experienced player to watch.

It did inspire me to start playing aget though, so there's that.

I've done 5 let's plays of Limitless Legfinish on my channel.

I've done the Vaulters, Roving Clans, Cultists, The Drakken and also The Forgained. I did these pretty much blind and also progressively learning as I played even more and also more. I wouldn't say I'm proficient, yet my last let's play was an effort at Impossible challenge.

Always feel negative about promoting my stuff - I hope this doesn't come throughout as spammy, but civilization seem to prefer my Countless Legend videos and hopetotally you will also (I learn. I promise!).

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Hey, I've had actually a few repursuits for videos, and also the recent AMD driver bundle provided me some software for recording, so just yesterday, I uploaded a brief video of playing via Tier 1 as Vaulters. There isn't any type of commentary or audio, and it's even more aimed at world who currently have some knowledge but are looking for an example of strong play, however you might find it handy (and it's my initially chance to publicize it :P).


I'm a beginner too and I've been watching a couple of videos. Right now I'm watching Babi Yabi's overview for beginners, he has actually a playlist up on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_VL-z03Iww