I make the efforts a search however most LPs seem to it is in 11 month or older. What room your favorite countless Legends LPs and what space some great one's to clock for united state newbs? decided to buy the game after watching Trump's recent LP yet he is a new player himself and would love someone to clock to pick up exactly how to beat the video game from someone who knows or also just someone fun to watch. Thanks for any type of suggestions!


I choose watching PANCZASU: https://www.youtube.com/user/truePANCZASU

He has actually a playthrough because that each race, dram on very high difficulty and explains it nicely. Yet the older videos space a bit out of day as they room played on enlarge versions.

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Indeed. He always plays in countless difficulty, i beg your pardon does median that a few LPs end in defeat. ~ all, as soon as a player gets up to limitless difficulty, a lot of it becomes luck-based (assuming the player dram competently).

I was in the same place as girlfriend a couple of days ago and uncovered this LP pretty informative https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhvLCF4zE2MTyhZR1bJyWk_SnKUVZ-8fj

I Watched it after completing the tutorial and also randomly clicking around for 20 turns in a solitary player game.

And after play a Vaulters video game myself ns don't think it's period (also in the 11 month range) is that large of a deal.

Tectoss is without doubt one of the 2 youtubers who space actually competent at endless Legend (the other being PANCZASU). I favor watching his LPs.

I'm the town hall Arumba's Wild pedestrian play with currently. More than likely going to move onto the TecToss one next.

Tectoss is a far, far better Endless Legend player 보다 Arumba. Better to clock him instead of Arumba making the most frustrating mistakes.

Oh mine goodness, ns tried city hall trump play earlier, and also as someone with a couple hundred hours put into the game it was cringe inducing. Ns really can't watch a newbie let's beat a 4X game... I hope you have actually some happy in recognize an proficient player to watch.

It did inspire me to begin playing again though, therefore there's that.

I've done five let's theatre of countless Legend on my channel.

I've excellent the Vaulters, Roving Clans, Cultists, The Drakken and The Forgotten. Ns did these pretty lot blind and also slowly finding out as ns played an ext and more. I wouldn't say I'm competent, but my critical let's pat was an attempt at impossible difficulty.

Always feel bad around promoting my ingredient - ns hope this doesn't come throughout as spammy, yet people seem to like my unlimited Legend videos and hopefully you will too (I learn. I promise!).

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Hey, I've had actually a few requests for videos, and the current AMD driver bundle offered me some software program for recording, so just yesterday, i uploaded a short video clip of playing with Tier 1 as Vaulters. Over there isn't any kind of commentary or audio, and it's an ext aimed at civilization who currently have part knowledge but are spring for an example of solid play, however you might find it comfortable (and it's my an initial opportunity come publicize it :P).


I'm a beginner too and also I've been watching a couple of videos. Right currently I'm the town hall Babi Yabi's guide for beginners, he has a playlist increase on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_VL-z03Iww