Echoes the a Fallen home is a dungeon quest in Elder Scrolls virtual Morrowind. This quest takes girlfriend on a journey to collect 4 clues, open up the doors by ringing the bells in the exactly order, and also more. It is a rather short but amazing challenge, v a an excellent reward in experience points and also other stuff.

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The forgotten Wastes public Dungeon Quest

Echoes of a Fallen home is uncovered in the The forget Wastes public dungeon. You’ll discover the enntrance gate to this place in north Vvardenfell, simply west from the sink of the Wind wayshrine. Friend can’t miss the quest, together it is provided by Tythis Nirith, that stands inside the dungeon, several actions away from the entrance. He will certainly ask you to find his sister.

The forgotten Wastes Entrance

Nevena’s Whereabouts clues Locations

This is the an initial quest objective. The four hints are scattered roughly the Drinith ancestral Tomb and the Caverns of Kogoruhn area that the dungeon. Both of these room connected, and you can reach them native the start.

To uncover the enntrance gate to Drinith genealogical Tomb, go appropriate down the path from the entrance. There should be a door that leads to the tomb on her left. Go through it and enter the first room to her right. The an initial clue, Diviner’s Journal, is ~ above a table there, beside some pink candles. The 2nd clue is just prior to the entrance to the largest room. Over there is a tiny post, beside a large urn, with the Wakener’s Sermon clue.

Drinith ancestral Tomb Entrance
Diviner’s Journal
Wakener’s Sermon

In stimulate to enter the Caverns that Kogoruhn, girlfriend can proceed forward v the previous area. If you room at the start of the dungeon, simply follow the path south. The 3rd clue is in the upper north area, on a wood box next to a tent, close come a campfire with plenty of enemies. The fourth clue – Guardian’s Decree – is situated on a wheelbarrow in the southwestern part of the Caverns of Kogoruhn. It’s beside a door that leads to the forget Depths, wherein our following objective is.

Third Clue
Guardian’s Decree

Bell Ringing stimulate – Wakener’s hall Entrance

This component of the dungeon is referred to as Forgotten Depths. To progress through the mission and also enter the Wakener’s hall we’ll need to ring the bells in a particular order.

The solution to this job is surprise behind the bells. If you take a look at the rock arc behind them, you’ll spot six indicators written on it. These indicators are the very same as the ones uncovered in prior of each bell. If you follow the indications on the arc native left come right and also interact with the appropriate bells, you’ll make them glow and eventually open the door.


The exactly order because that ringing the bells, from left to best (big to small), is: 1-2-4-3-6-5.

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Defeat Wakener Maras and also take Nevena’s diary to Tythis

Wakener Mara spawns in front of the large fire. As soon as you defeat him, Nevena’s diary will come to be lootable. The is in ~ the exact same location where Maras spawns. As you finish the pursuit by offering the diary come Tythis in ~ the start of the dungeon, your Mementos will certainly be updated v the Dreamer’s Chime collectible.

“Even choked v ash, this bell recovered native the forget Wastes emits a haunting tone and also glows as soon as struck.”

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