"Everything males Know about Women is my go to existing for every birthday and anniversary, it"s terrific."--Barbara Corcoran, "Shark Tank" star and also author that Shark story

"Fully reveals the shocking truth!"--Daily News A landmark book fully revised and updated to reveal whatever men yes, really know about the the contrary sex. In a little much more than 100 pages, Dr. Alan Francis distills year of research and thousands that interviews to reveal the most an extensive understanding of men"s knowledge and understanding of opposing sex in whatever Men Know about Women. Fiercely frank and also brilliantly insightful, this book spells out everything men know around such subject as: Making friends through womenRomancing womenAchieving emotional intimacy with womenMaking commitments to womenSatisfying females in bed***That"s right, this publication is fully BLANK! A an excellent gag gift for her boyfriend or husband, because that a birthday or anniversary, or just to provide to her girlfriends once you desire a laugh! Review estimates

I have given and talked around this publication Everything males Know about Women and also the prominence of the power of a title to mine Genius Network members. It represents how an effective a title have the right to be and also the creative marketing the Cindy Cashman walk to offer over a million duplicates out of she garage. The suggest is if girlfriend don"t have a killer headline it doesn"t matter how an excellent the publication is. (Joe Polish, founder the Genius NetworkÂ(R))"Everything males Know around Women is my go to present for every birthday and anniversary, it"s terrific. I like to be there in person to clock the friend"s reactions once they realize the pages room blank. What a hoot and also oh for this reason affordable!" (Barbara Corcoran, Shark Tank star and also author of Shark Tales)

about the writer

Dr. Alan Francis is the pen name of Cindy Cashman and Alan Garner.

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Cindy Cashman enjoys coaching entrepreneurs and offering unique insight top top their case so they deserve to make far better decisions which have the right to lead to an ext profits, peace, freedom, and also fun. Attach with Cindy at CindyCashman.com. Alan Garner is additionally the author of Conversationally Speaking and just how I moved to Thailand, retired Early, discovered Love, constructed a Mansion, Live favor a King top top a Pension -Plus just how You deserve to Too!!!
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