9. Gemstone Grotto- go to the Hobbe’s Cavern and then as quickly as you fast-take a trip in, revolve approximately and also swim across the water where you’ll fight Hollow men. At the finish of the land tright here will certainly be Gemrock Grotto.

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10. Wraithmarsh

11. Bloodstone

12. Guild Cave

13. Reaver’s Rear Passage (in Bloodrock Mansion)

14. The last one will be in that hole. In there you will have to fight off 2 Great Shards. In their will certainly be a special gem thats worth many money. You might either select to give it to her, or kill her and also store it for yourself. If you save it for yourself its an evil deed yet if you offer it to her you obtain 50,000 gold and its a great deed.

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