If a friend on facebook isn"t online, in the contact bar you deserve to see a phone icon beside the critical time he"s to be on Facebook.

For example, if a contact"s been online 16 minute ago, I"ll see beside his name:


But what go it median when there"s no time specified alongside the icon?



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Your friend has fully logged the end of on facebook on his or her mobile maker and has chat set to "off" on their computer. FYI: This does not average he or she is important offline. That or she can still access Facebook via your web connection without any indication of task or that a time stamp. Extensive personal experience preventing a stalker has led me come this solution.



This is a kind of bug. You can take a screenshot and also report around this to on facebook here:


Source: Facebook aid Team


I i found it that even if they turn messenger come "off " to protect against a stalker, if you get in your last conversation through them, it will present last energetic in the conversation under your name.

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