Composer Notes

When I began composing this track I didn’t know exactly how it would end; in fact, I assumed it would certainly be substantially longer 보다 it is. But after creating the very first 10 bars the a small recapitulation, ns stumbled top top a surprising and also glorious six note chord, offering not resolution but possibility. I all of sudden thought, “Good heavens, what if I protect against right here?!” ns was so astonished I had to obtain up indigenous the piano and take a brisk walk roughly the block. Returning to the piano, ns took a deep breath and drew a twin bar heat after what is among my favorite endings of every time.

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Performance Note: Why sure, this song may be certainly sung v folk/blues inflections! The solo may additionally be separated between much more than one soloist if desired. This track works at a selection of tempos, however it loses several of its nuance as soon as it gets too fast.


Faith is the bird the feels the lightAnd sings once the dawn is still dark.

Rabindranath TagoreFrom Fireflies: A arsenal of Proverbs, Aphorisms and also Maxims



SATBPremiere: Choir of an initial Unitarian culture of Madison / Dan Broner (Madison, WI)

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Minnesota Sings! Rosedale Shopping center Flash lot (Roseville, MN)ENCORE! / Randi Grundahl Rexroth (Minneapolis, MN)Ensemble Laude / Elizabeth MacIsaac (Victoria, BC CANADA)Feinberg college of Medicine’s Docapella (Chicago, IL)Fire / Linda Hanson (Charlottesville, VA)Gettysburg college Women’s Choir / rob NatterGlenbard West High school Women’s Accapella (Glen Ellyn, IL)Governor’s School east Chorus / Laura Sam (Raleigh, NC)Halilasa Singers / mary Cunningham (Lexington, MA)Harmonia (Mahtomedi, MN)Head-Royce High institution Choir / Bob Wells (Oakland, CA)Hope university Women’s chamber Choir / Jennifer Wolfe (Holland, MI)Jenny Lind Singers / Michael Zemek (Rock Island, IL)Lutheran the end Ministries facility Swing Choir tourism (Springfield, Rockford, Bourbonnais and Oregon, IL)Lyrebird Choir / Anika Kildegaard (St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN)Maureen Forrester Singers of Wilfrid Laurier college / Elvira Froese (Caledon, top top CANADA)Microscope Vocal Ensemble the Woodlands Academy / Kaitlin Donnelly (Lake Forest, IL)Millbrook community Festival Choir / Daniel Michael Koch (Millbrook, NY)New York All-State Women’s Chorus (Rochester, NY)Northwestern college Women’s Chorale / mar Kay Geston (St. Paul and also Collegeville, MN)Peninsula Women’s Chorus / boy name Benvenuto (Palo Alto and also Menlo Park, CA)Plainfield phibìc High school Treble Choir / Monica Bertrand (Saint Charles, IL)Princeton Girlchoir / Lynnel Jenkins (Princeton, NJ)Riverside Singers / Nancy Grundahl. WomanVoice Consortium Concert (Minneapolis and also Milaca, MN)Saint Mary’s college Women’s Choir / Nancy Menk (Detroit, MI; Notre Dame, IN; Toronto, on CANADA)Saint Mary’s college Women’s Choir with Ann Arbor Youth Chorale and also Huron High school Bel Canto / Nancy Menk (Ann Arbor, MI)Saint Mary’s college Women’s Choir with fort Wayne children’s Choir / Nancy Menk (Fort Wayne, IN)Saint Mary’s college Women’s Choir v University the Guelph and University of Toronto Choirs / Nancy Menk (Guelph, top top CANADA)Saint Xavier university Chamber Singers / Laura Bogan (Chicago, IL)SingersMarin “Les Etoiles” / jan Pederson Schiff (Cincinnati, OH; mountain Raphael, CA; Graz, AUSTRIA)Sloan Creek center School Choir the Fairview, Texas / Christina Chapman. 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ACDA main Division Conference (Fort Wayne, IN)Westminster college Choir / Natasia Sexton (Fulton, MO)Wheaton college Women’s Chorale / mary Hopper (Mendota Heights, MN)Wisconsin High school Women’s All-State Choir / Emily Ellsworth. Wisconsin Choral director Association Conference (Eau Claire, WI)Women’s Choirs that Augsburg College, university of Minnesota, university of St thomas & Hamline university / Kathy Romey (Minneapolis, MN)Women’s hope Chorale of St. Luigi / Leanne Magnuson Latuda (Saint Louis, MO)Women’s Voices Chorus / Laura Sam (Chapel Hill, NC)Wright State college Women’s Chorale / drew Collins.

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Mad flow Vocal arts Festival (Dayton, OH)Young Naperville Singers chamber Choir / Angie Johnson. 25th Anniversary Gala (Naperville, IL)