If your computer (Steam) copy of Dishonored 2 is no launching after pushing Play, is grounding at the "Preparing to Launch" text box, or is to run in the background but not actually launching, girlfriend should an initial try restarting your computer system and heavy steam and do the efforts again.

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For troubleshooting regarded Dishonored 2 in-game crashes, click here.

If the issue persists, girlfriend can try the adhering to troubleshooting steps:

Disable elevator Applications

Programs running in the elevator can reason issues once launching brand-new games. Disable any unnecessary program and shot to start the video game again.

Run game and steam as Administrator

To operation the game as an Administrator:

Right-click Dishonored 2 in your heavy steam Library.Select Properties and then the Local files tab.Click Browse regional Files.Locate the video game executable (the application).Right-click it and go come Properties.Click the Compatibility tab.Check the operation this regime as an administrator box and also click Apply.

Once complete, restart heavy steam and shot launching the video game again.To run heavy steam as one Administrator, uncover the steam executable instead (here by default: C:Program files (x86)Steam) and follow the same procedure as above.

Update her Graphics card Drivers

You have the right to download and also install latest vehicle drivers (based ~ above manufacturer) here:

Ensure Your windows is approximately Date

To for sure your version of Windows has all the recent updates, you should run home windows Update. Girlfriend can uncover it through navigating to your start menu, picking All Programs, and then selecting Windows Update.Allow Windows update to identify, download, and install any required updates and try launching the video game again.You can find an ext information on running Windows update here.

Get the Latest version of DirectX

You must ensure you have the latest variation of DirectX through downloading and installing it here.

Verify verity of game Cache top top Steam

To for sure the game files are set up correctly, you have to verify the files in Steam. To carry out so:

Open vapor and navigate to her Library.Right-click top top Dishonored 2 and select Properties.Select the Local files tab and click Verify truth of game files...
Steam will certainly verify the game"s files. This procedure may take several minutes.Once the procedure is completed, the Check window will automatically exit.

Please Note: One or much more files might fail to verify, in most situations this is normal. This are regional configuration files and also should no be changed in this process.

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Check for additional Installers

If a game launch is cancelled or interrupted, it is possible that your computer system will be absent programs or services that the game needs to run. This could include DirectX, PhysX, C++ components, or home windows Updates.The vapor platform have to run any type of required installers as soon as the game is initially launched. If this does not occur, you may need to launch castle manually.The installers can usually be discovered in Dishonored 2’s environment folder, found here by default: C:Program documents (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonDishonored 2.