send companions come the "Home Plate"

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I"ve always wondered why i can"t send companions below when ns disband them. I"ve found the residence plate together a more useful home than others (including areas you build) because the market area is right beside you. But then I have to send my companions somewhere that I never ever go to or earlier to their home. I can just it is in dumb and there is a means to perform this however if not, are there any kind of mods for this yet.

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Marcia RentonPosts: 3563Joined: Fri january 26, 2007 5:15 am

I wish for 2 things once it concerns dismissing companions.

1. Send them back to the original place you found them.

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Is it simply me who feels poor sending to one of my settlements when they could actually want to walk home? Piper might want to return house to Nat. Absolutely sure of this after ours talk once I told her no to ignore her sister and also be a component of her life... And then I avoid her native going home. "Nah walk to Covenant and also hang out through all the various other Companions i dismissed." Or possibly Hancock desires to return to duties as market of Goodneighbor? Or Macready wants to go earlier to the third Rail and also drink beer and also listen to Magnolia?

2. Send lock to residence Plate. Certain it is tiny but ns won"t lose a companion in there. Besides after the bartender the the early american Taphouse went missing, I type of rotate Homeplate right into a bar with pool tables and such. It would be a quite relaxing ar for them.

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You can, however only if you haven"t sent them some place else already. The an initial time you dismiss someone just back out instead of picking a destination and also they will return to the last place they were stationed (ie. The ar you found them).

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