In "Prototypical Problems," you are tasked with creating the "Voice of Set."This is component of the search "Novice that Mysteries."
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Listen to the Voice of collection HolotapeSearch Cryptos for experimental weapons researchLocate the EMP study programFind a way to copy the EMP research routine dataGet a project SIPHON HolotapeUse the project SIPHON Holotape come extract the dataUpload the data right into the FabricatorUse the Fabricator to make the Voice of Set
For a detailed step-by-step walkthrough the this quest, click the "Reveal Spoilers" switch below.WARNING: This will reveal integral spoiler for this quest. Click in ~ your very own risk.
After listening to the Holotape, go to the basement that Riverside Manor and also visit Cryptos.Login as $Unknown_UserSelect Database QueriesThen pick Novice |
Weapons research study which will certainly you situate the materials to construct the Voice the Set

Head to sugar Grove, i m sorry is ~ above the eastern side of the Savage Divide, east of optimal of the World.
Once you have entered Sugar Grove, head right forwards and through the open up doorwayand turn left in ~ the second door come go under the stairs. When down the stairs, head directly again towards the room v the snakelike image. Carry out not go down these stairs, yet turn left towards the pursuit marker. In this room in the direction of the back, girlfriend will find the "Advanced research Terminal."
Select research Projects and read through the terminal"s project reports and mail message to learn an ext about the program.
Follow the pursuit marker down the stairs and also through a door and accessibility the Analyst"s Terminal.Select and then Exit out of the terminal and also go back to the advanced Research Terminal
When you get back to the progressed Research Terminal and select fill HOLOTAPE and choose "Project Siphon Holotape"Select which will execute project SIPHON code.

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Head back to Riverside Manor and also go down to the Fabricator in the basementIn the terminal, selectLoad Holotape and also choose the "Project SIPHON Holotape".
Once you have actually uploaded the project SIPHON Holotape, pick

After uploading the data, pick -> come dispense the Voice that Set
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