Fallout 76: A complete Guide to "I Am end up being Death" The main quest, "I Am become Death", is a tricky one in fallout 76 but with this guide, you can handle it!

football player who have wandered the wasteland the Fallout 76 without having had actually the possibility to squeeze turn off a nuclear missile should look right into completing the key quest "I Am end up being Death." If nothing else, it"s bragging rights moving forward, yet the quest is not straightforward one. Countless 76"ers often tend to run through this quest in a group, together going solo can be quite overwhelming. In fact, this is one of (if no the most) daunting quests in the whole game.

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Regardless of what route is chosen, this guide is here to assist players endure the search if they occur to get stuck. Completing this quest will help deal with the scorchbeast problem while simultaneously kicking turn off the "Scorched Earth" quest.

The quest starts in the armed forces wing the the Whitespring Bunker. Revolve right and also venture forth previous the laser network leading as much as the Command area where 4 tutorials room laid out. Each one offers instructions on exactly how to appropriately launch the nuke in question.

The player will must speak to the A.I. Known as MODUS which regulates the Eastern republic Enclave. Indigenous there, continue to the terminal in ~ the back of the room i m sorry belonged to Ellen Santiago. Choose "Code Pieces" from the terminal in stimulate to acquire the password to the Fujiniya Facility, then accessibility the nearby Surveillance device terminal to obtain tracking data top top a nuclear Keycard and Launch Codes. Likewise worth noting is the fact that players will must seek the end Keycards and Launch password every time they desire to fire a solitary nuke.

5 The atom Keycard & beginning Code

The quest "Hide and Seek and Destroy" kicks in in ~ this part, beginning with the player tracking down a nuclear Keycard i m sorry is situated in Appalachia. Top top arrival, seek out and also engage the Vertibots in the bordering area in order to secure a card from a drop.

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While quiet in Appalachia, look for out fragments of the Launch code by attacking the creatures in the area, notably burnt Officers and Ghouls. Players will need eight code pieces to assemble a finish launch code. Save an eye the end for enemies with beacons on your backs which provide an audible signal ton that have the right to be heard a means out. Each set of password pieces comes to a specific Launch site, and its corresponding silo, i beg your pardon is following on the agenda.

Appalachia is the stronghold of three nuclear missile sites the players can accessibility in order come launch a nuke. Take note of website Alpha, Bravo and also Charlie top top the map, and remember them because that future reference. The special note are the Launch password which (when assembled) pertain come a specific launch website as defined earlier.

Players will no doubt pick up a selection of password pieces for different sites, however only after ~ assembling 8 of the very same kind will players be able to launch a nuke. Keep in mind that Launch codes expire every mainly (typically ~ above a Sunday) which means completing the pursuit beforehand is paramount.

3 Cleaning out The Silos

one of the most complicated quests in Fallout 76 is "Mission: Countdown," which requires cleaning the end Alpha, Bravo and also Charlie silos the all their enemies prior to players can progress and accessibility Launch controls. Every silo contains 5 events featuring huge waves the foes that need to be preserved at just whilst completing main objectives. The longer it takes, the greater the threat of fatality becomes.

This particular sub-mission need to be done through a team in tow, lest players get swarmed. Over there are merely too countless enemies for many players to make it through, yet it"s not impossible for hardened combat vets or those v high stealth an abilities who can navigate about enemies and use lockpicking and also hacking abilities. Those that decide to take a team along for the ride must assign each member to a specific duty in order to maximize fight effectiveness. Plainly define one Assault, Hacker, Demolitions Expert and Support human in stimulate to achieve balance in ~ a firefight.

After acquiring both Keycard and Launch Code, head to Mama Dolce"s Food processing which is a front for the Fujiniya basic mentioned previously in the guide. The ar sits close to Morgantown in the Forest region of the game.

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A big pipe houses a makeshift flower which provides accessibility to the basic via a locked door which can be opened using the Fujiniya facility password. Once inside, head down to the bottom floor include a terminal hidden behind various machinery. Accessing this terminal enables the player come input the password taken indigenous the Whispering Bunker. Native there, select a specific target spot and also rain down a nuclear attack that will certainly irradiate the neighboring area and kill off any type of players unfortunate sufficient to be recorded in that is wake. Bear in mind that this activity will mutate creatures in ~ the impact area and amp up your strength and also damage output.

1 Extra Notes

plenty of players partake in this mission (especially Mission: Countdown) come buff your XP and find rarely loot. This specific sub-mission can be done twice a day because that players who have actually the stomach to operation the gauntlet more than once.

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As far as loot goes, this is specifically true in the wake up of the atom blast, which deserve to drop part rares top top the landscape for pickup. Football player who manage to finish this large quest line alone can brag about it until the finish of time. For those who compelled assistance in the type of a team, nobody deserve to blame them.