The damaged audio is back in full pressure today.I did notice that although the does impact both ambient music and also pip boy radio music that does not influence NPC voices or Pres.

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Fallout new Vegas No Sound only Music Driver ~ above My

Ive ran the game both with and without mods, with and without the LAA (Large resolve Awareness, forcing the video game to recognize an ext than 2GB that RAM) patch, through a new clean install, and Ive uninstalled EVERY single codec and also codec load on mine computer, provided fresh unmodified.ini files, updated every driver on my system, and also even forceably disabled every feasible codec (even the windows default ones) v a program dubbed the Codec Tweak Tool.


It could just be a coincidence and if ns remember ns will update this comment with my results.

Hopefully, more people can gain this glitch fixed and enjoy this wonderful game without such annoyances.

I walk a complete uninstall of the game and also every last trace of not just the games install files but the mode themselves.

After trying all of this, and also some conservative tweaks to do the video game run better from after reinstalling, the game runs much better than ever, yet I noticed that ratcheting up the uGridsToLoad value in Fallout.ini has actually a noticeable result on how frequently the approximately music skips, specifically if I have actually mods andor texture package running.

It appears to me the video game engine itself is unable to manage that lot data at once, nevertheless of tweaks or the LAA patch.

I determined that due to the fact that the PipBoy music seems totally unaffected by this skipping (regardless the how numerous mods or tweaks room made) that having a much more view street with an ext detail is preferable come background music.

Ive convinced myself that having actually nothing however ambient noises and also windsounds results is much more realistic, and chancing play music out loud through the PipBoy method enemies are more likely come hear you, and adds an extra variable of convenience versus survivabilitystealth.

In case the connect is broken, just Google DirectShow Filter Codec Reset, it have to be the first result.

Update: I gotten rid of some of mine advice turn off here because it was dumb and also probably no helpful, however the mod over did fix the problem for me.

Just in case Nomads settle doesnt job-related Ill leaving this link here.

Nomads resolve to edit G:SteamAppssteamappscommonFallout brand-new VegasFalloutdefault.ini to change from bMultiThreadAudio0 to bMultiThreadAudio1 fixed the stuttering background music problem.

Windows 10, Geforce GTX 1080, Realtek Audio, Gigabyte motherboard.

Hopeful for this ini tweak but due to the fact that TTW setup involves so numerous ini changes and additions like stewie tweaks i dont really recognize where to make the changes lol.

Just make the efforts on TTW.

For me the issue constantly cropped up after about an hour of gameplay, for this reason Ill reply again if it stop working.

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Hopefully, more people can get this glitch fixed and enjoy this wonderful game without together annoyances quote I assumed this was functioning for me as I had actually several hours of clean gameplay however i assumption: v it to be a coincidence.