Astrophobia is an extreme fear of all things pertaining to external space. It is usually explained as the are afraid or phobia of stars, are afraid of celestial bodies, or, in general, of external space. Words Astrophobia is obtained from two Greek words: astro meaning stars, and also phobos meaning deep aversion or fear. Astrophobia is often puzzled with Astraphobia, i m sorry is the are afraid of thunderstorms, lightning, or cloudbursts.

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Apart native stars and also planets, an Astrophobe can likewise be fear of other things pertained to ‘outer space’ consisting of aliens, space travel, or the moon and also sun. Merely the assumed of this ‘space objects’ have the right to lead to fear thoughts about death or dying. The phobic realizes the these thoughts room not rational, but is no able to control it.

Let united state dive into it and also study Astrophobia in detail.

Causes that Astrophobia

It is an extremely important the you focus on the reason of any kind of phobia rather than its symptoms alone. This way, once you recognize the cause, you room in a better position to deal with that inner dispute which reasons the subsequent phobic actions or symptoms.

Unfortunately, as is the instance with most phobias, there is no single cause behind Astrophobia. Scientists believe that countless different factors play a duty when it concerns anxiety disorders. The very same is the situation with Astrophobia. Below are few of the possible causes behind the fear of stars and also outer space:

Like many phobias, this are afraid may have developed due come a traumatic event in childhood. As a child, one may have seen or heard news reports of astronauts being stranded or dice in space, such as the ‘Apollo 13’ story that adults and also kids alike to be shocked and saddened by. The Challenger space shuttle catastrophe was likewise shown on TV and also needless come say, that shocked the world.Media theatre a huge duty in this phobia together well. Over there are many novels and movies illustrating alien invasion which can have exacerbated the fear. The characters in some of these books and also movies themselves suffer from Astrophobia. For example, in the movie Gravity, the lone woman astronaut who is the protagonist the the film battles to reach earth after a storm kills the remaining space shuttle crew and also leaves she stranded in space. The character herself says: ‘I dislike space’!Anxious parents and also caregivers can also ‘fill up’ a children head through fearful ideas and thoughts. An enlarge sibling may have actually narrated stories around the vastness and also ‘unknown factors’ of room which might lead come the fear.Scientists might not agree upon a single cause that the phobia but one thing they execute agree ~ above is that ‘phobias space learned behaviors’. An individual learns to be afraid of stars or space and, end time, proceeds to associate this objects v feelings that insecurity, fear, and even embarrassment of losing control.Sometimes, phobias are genetic or hereditary. If her parents to be the nervous/anxious types, then you are much more likely to develop anxiety disorders too.Some people are simply an ext prone to phobia development and a chemical imbalance may an outcome in such insecurities and anxieties.

Symptoms of Astrophobia

People through Astrophobia will stop reading about it, or watching movies pertaining to aliens or space. The mere believed of space ships, aliens, stars, and also planets could reason a complete blown scare attack. Some astrophobes protect against going the end at night to protect against stars. Simply imagining space, stars, astronauts, or celestial body can create the following symptoms:

Increased love rateShortness that breath, tightness the chestSweatingHot/cold flashesShaking, trembling, shiveringCrying, screamingFeeling like running away/escapingFear the losing regulate or awkward oneselfFeeling disconnected v realityDizzinessFatigueNausea, vomiting, lack of appetite

Not anyone understands or sympathizes v the phobic. Most world do not know that Astrophobia is a an extremely real condition and also that the individual yes, really suffers from it. Together a result, the phobic might be laughed at or ridiculed. This could reason him/her embarrassment which, in turn, provides him associate that ‘loss of control’ v the objects he/she fears. This becomes a vicious cycle. A phobic could even lose friends or become socially isolated and lonely in severe cases.

Treatment for fear of stars and outer space

The an excellent news for any kind of phobia sufferers is that most phobias deserve to be cured. Sometimes, a single session of treatment is likewise enough, specifically for mild come moderate cases.


To begin with: you deserve to use several self-help methods for dealing with Astrophobia. Writing down the fears can help. You have the right to write down one optimistic thought for each fearful/negative thought you encounter. Meditation, deep breathing, and positive visualization room all an effective self-help approaches for overcoming phobias. Analysis up around the phobia can also help. Unfortunately, this phobia hasn’t been studied extensively in clinical or mental journals. So, over there haven’t been any type of documented ‘clinical cases’.

If self-help techniques do not present results, speak come a basic physician or household doctor, specifically if the phobia is affecting your day-to-day life. Your doctor have the right to refer you come a specialist taking care of anxiety disorders.


In general, there space three therapies that have shown an excellent results in treating this sort of phobia. They room cognitive habits therapy, desensitization, and hypnotherapy.

Cognitive actions therapy

CBT or cognitive therapy concentrates on help the phobic adjust their assumed patterns. Thus, every time one starts thinking ‘anxious or negative’ thoughts, they learn to difficulty those thoughts/feelings/emotions right into ‘positive thoughts’.

Desensitization and also exposure therapy

A huge part of treatment for any phobia is desensitization or progressive exposure. When you learn to face the object you fear, slowly, end time, your fear diminishes. Such ‘exposure’ is excellent in a regulated manner and under observation. The phobic might be asked to read about space/stars, attract stars, and also eventually step out at night to observe the stars until there is no fear response.

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Hypnotherapy works by sending the phobic right into a deep state of relaxation till his or her subconscious mental is open to thoughts and suggestions.

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