How to solve error 0x80070015 occurring during to Windows update, installing app from Store or scanning in Windows Security.

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In the end, click on Apply followed by OK.Rename CBS.Log fileUse its address bar to reach C:\WINDOWS\Logs\CBS directory.Search for CBS.Log file and after getting the same, right-click on it and choose Rename.Give it a new name, thereafter, check if error 0x80070015 is fixed.

In case you failed to rename CBS.Log folder, go with the below steps first –

Press Win+R and put services.msc in the text field.Either press Enter or click OK.When Services window comes into the sight, locate Windows Modules Installer service and double-click on the same.Set the Startup type to Manual.Click Apply and OK to save changes.After doing so, restart your PC.

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Once Windows 10 powers up, try to rename CBS.Log file once again. After being successful this time, change the Startup type of Windows Modules Installer service to its default value.

Repair corrupted system files

Corrupted system files are more likely to bring maximum error codes in Windows 10. Therefore, running system file checker often found to be useful to fix error 0x80070015. Here is how to proceed –

Insert sfc /scannow command in black panel and hit Enter to execute the same.Let the procedure finish without interrupting in between.Usually, system file checker fixes the found issue but if it fails to do so, run below command in same Command Prompt window –

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth