la ofrendaToday is Día de los Muertos, a day to celebrate the resides of ours deceased love ones. That is thought that on this day, the souls the the dead can travel ago to earth to be with us. Leaving an altar with an offering for the souls ensures the they will uncover their way home.

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I thought I’d share through you the altar that us made in respect of our family members who have passed away.

The altar includes flowers, religious candles, fruit, tequila, lime and also salt, obleas con cajeta, water, dulce de guayaba cristalizada, a miniature tortilla press and molcajete, dolls my Dad brought me native a expedition to Mexico as soon as I to be a tiny girl, pan de muerto, a pillow, colorful striped fabric, papel picado lugged all the way from Mexico City and also a handmade carpeta de encaje (ornamental lace). Confession: i ate the pepitorias that I produced the altar last night before I obtained the possibility to picture it, I just couldn’t resist.

I to be interested in exactly how others approximately the human being constructed their altars and what castle looked choose so ns curated a job you’ll check out below. I asked friends, family and also strangers ~ above Facebook and also Twitter to send photos of their altars come share here on The Tortilla. I’ll proceed to include items to the curated task over the next couple of days together I proceed to receive more photos.

Here room a few more details from ours altar in honor of José’s grandparents, mine grandparents, and other household members who have actually passed away, consisting of my uncle that was eliminated in one accident previously this year. May their souls rest in peace.

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tequila, limón y sal
pan de muerto

View the entire album of ours altar by clicking the thumbnails:

Thank friend to everyone who allowed me to share their photos for this curated project. I spent the last couple of days searching and also collecting items post on Twitter that contributed to it. I hope you reap looking at all the picture as lot as ns did.

Last however not least, muchas felicidades come Marcela from society Mami, that won ours apron giveaway from critical week! i look forward to seeing photos of friend wearing her calavera-print apron made by Lisa Renata.