38Alphagin (x3), Sahagin (x2)Upper Wennath (All Times)3 Stars, 6,650 Gil, Knight’s Anklet

Requires Hunter rank 4 . You will require to strategy this hunt from the north, together there isn’t a way to reach them indigenous the south, for this reason head to the Wennath Riverhead parking spot and also go under the stairway to reach the bank. You’ll most likely run into some Sahagins top top the method to the hunt, so girlfriend will know what they room like. These alligator-like creatures aren’t too tough, although the Alphagins might pose a little more trouble, as they are greater level (38 compared to Sahagin being 18) and stronger. Lock both re-publishing the exact same weaknesses (polearms, shields and also ice) and also strengths (fire and holy).

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Help needed in EXINERIS¶

24Garchimacera (x8)EXINERIS strength Plant (Nighttime)2 Stars, 3,540 Gil, Megalixir

Requires you to complete the very first main story pursuit of thing 8 . Once you accept this hunt, you’ll need to go to the gate at the enntrance gate to the strength plant, and examine that to obtain an option to head inside. The Garchimaceras will be top top the ring ~ above the bottom section of the plant, whereby you fought the daemons throughout the key storyline. Over there is no a many room here, so a large weapon prefer the greatsword will carry out wonders in hitting much more than one enemy. Also, since the enemies will most likely be grouped together and are weak to fire (although fire is more than likely not the safest thing to use inside of a strength plant), whip increase a Fira through Dual/Tricast to burn them come a crisp.


You’ll have to get in the strength plant twice for hunts. Just pick the front gate to get inside.

38Malboro (x1)Kelbrass Grasslands (All Times)3 Stars, 6,780 Gil, golden Hourglass

Requires you to end up the key story . The Malboro and also its negative breath strike again and also can be discovered east that the Taelpar Crag parking spot, inside of the huge crater there. This is pretty lot the same specific fight as the one during Chapter 10, minus the tiny Malboro babies. That is level 38 and also weak come greatswords, machinery and also fire, if being solid against ice and holy and also sporting a pretty 105,000 health. As with the story one, when it inhales, it will be unleashing negative Breath, i m sorry inflicts a many damage and multiple condition ailments, so gain away native it. Feel complimentary to use the crashed imperial airship together warp-points to gain out of variety quickly.

Trembling Killers¶

Requires girlfriend to finish the main story . Head come the Cauthess - the key parking spot and go south to the crater on her map, i m sorry is wherein you’ll obtain the five Ziggurats come appear. Castle look like new enemies and also may be similar to a details strong opponent that girlfriend encountered in thing 13, but either way, you space in for one hell of a fight. As you will indeed notice, the Ziggurats’s attacks are strong and swift, and able to eliminate your partners from the battle in just seconds, with you having to will to picking them increase or making use of Phoenix Downs to revive them.

At level 57, lock have roughly 62,000 HP and also are weak come polearms, shields, lightning and holy, while being solid against only fire. Due to the fact that they room weak come lightning, prepare a Quintcast Thundara/Thundaga is appropriate here, particularly if you can get them grouped up. Although they aren’t also common, keep an eye the end on your blockable assaults and shot to gain some distance before you zap their wellness down come nothing. As soon as you get their numbers thinner, points will start ending up being a little more manageable.

An Omen Crawls ~ above the Ground¶

68Grootslang x2Kelbass Grasslands (All Times)4 Stars, 26,840 Gil, Red Choker

Requires girlfriend to complete the key story . Quick travel to the Cauthess - the disc parking spot and head northeast to the crater there to uncover these two slippery foes waiting for you. Psychic the Midgardsormr external of the enntrance gate to Greyshire Glacial Grotto? Well, the Grootslang is the very same thing, except level 68 and also there room two of castle this time. Fighting one to be enough, but battling 2 of them at the exact same time will definitely be a challenge, specifically with their wellness being close come 300k. They are weak come sword, daggers and ice, when being solid against fire and also holy.

Equipping your characters with a Star Pendant will help tremendously, due to the fact that the Grootslangs deserve to poison your personalities (or eat a enjoy the meal that stays clear of poison). If their assaults that poison still hurt a lot, you don’t need to worry about having to cure it or face a instance where one of your characters is sit at one HP. It can also be a little troublesome maintaining an eye the end for when one the them walk underground. Using ice magic deserve to be a large help, yet even with Quintcast, it’s going to take it a the majority of uses to reduced down the enemies’ vast amounts of health, specifically if you don’t gain both in a solitary blast.

Bones seek an Offering¶

72Iseultalon x1Kelbass Grasslands (Nighttime)5 Stars, 33,790 Gil, Dark Crest

Requires friend to complete the key story . The Iseultalon hunt is located in the precise same crater as the Grootslangs hunt, i m sorry is northeast that the Cauthess - the key parking spot. If friend remember the Deathclaw boss you fought during Chapter 10, climate you will be fighting a more powerful version that that below (you likewise possibly encountered one in chapter 14). This point hits hard and it’s very feasible that the bulk of its attacks will put any kind of character right into Danger status, specifically if you have lower health.


The Iseultalon has actually two dangerous attacks, a close range swirl with its claws (left) and a big laser (right).

If you’re much away from the enemy, you desire to always hold down the evade button, together it can very quickly fire that claws in ~ you; this is blockable, so friend can shot to parry the if you want. Likewise, it will certainly send its claws out v some lasers attached, v them being vertical as soon as going out and also horizontal once being drawn ago in. The can additionally fire a giant laser ago and forth and also while that hurts, the is easily dodgeable. Up close, it has actually a couple of melee strikes that space nothing to be fear of. However, it have the right to spin that claws approximately the body, dealing major damage and this assault cannot it is in phased through, so that will constantly hit if you’re in range.

At level 72, the Iseultalon has actually a lot of health and wellness (230,200) and is weak to shields, machinery, fire and holy, when being strong against only ice. The significant problem through this adversary is the a lot of its attacks are taken into consideration area-of-effect, definition you can’t dodge them by simply holding under Square/X. That provides the warp one of the an ext prominent abilities in this battle, as there is a small duration of invulnerability when performing one. Preparing part fire spells is ideal here to quickly diminish its health and if you should be fighting increase close, don’t stick roughly for as well long, to avoid its whirlwind that death.

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Dead basic Strikes under the King¶

Requires you to finish the main story . The Ayakashi is a level 110 samurai enemy and thus, is walk to it is in one difficult cookie. In spite of that, you should already know all of its moves and will remember the blocking and also parrying is a huge help in the battle. It has close come 675k health, therefore it will certainly be a long battle, and also it is weak to polearms, firearms, lightning and holy, when being strong against only fire. Considering the high level, girlfriend would figure it has actually high strength, which way that many of its assaults will instantly put you and also the others in Danger, do you have to use fairly a couple of items in the fight.